The advantages of a home Cinema

Have you ever been to the cinema and felt that you could do better? For example, the drinks are overpriced and the popcorn is not that inspiring. Worst of all, you have to experience the film with a load of people you don’t know. You might end up sitting next to a complete stranger who won’t keep quiet or there is the endless rustling of paper as the sweet wrappers come out, not to mention the group of teenagers in the corner deliberately whatsapping each other or making video chats to tell their other mates where they are.

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Factor in all these elements and it’s no wonder cinemas are starting to see a downturn in attendance. Here’s another reason, it’s a simple task for  Luxury Home Cinema Oxford based providers to come and install one in your home and take all of these annoyances away.

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With a luxury home cinema, added to a garage or a converted bedroom/dining room you have the option to stage your own film festivals or just simply be able to watch a film and pause it fi you need to take a comfort break halfway through, which in itself is one of the best reasons to have one installed. You can set when you want to watch and you don’t need to demand your money back if you think the film is terrible and you’ve made a mistake going to see it.

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