Interesting facts about web design

There are many different types of websites, in all sizes and colours. It seems like every business today has one. Your website is your virtual storefront or virtual gallery for the products and services you provide. It is important if you are considering having a website designed and built that you consult with professionals. Web designers are able to provide you with a wide range of design and technical ideas, and can ensure that your website is suitable for the needs of your business and your customers.

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Here are some facts about web design that may be of interest to you.

Users of websites have a very short attention span and they will leave a site in as little as 8 seconds if the website is not what they were looking for, or if its design doesn’t suit them. It is important to get your message across as quickly as possible, and at the top of the page. Eight seconds is not a lot of time to make a good impression. The information desired by the visitor must be immediately available or easily signposted and simply navigated.

Mobile is the future. According to surveys, around two thirds of website traffic is generated by mobile web users. This means that all websites need to be optimised for mobile users or this is a huge market sector that you are neglecting, which will prove costly to your bottom line. When you need advice about SEO Swansea, consider a site like

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It is better to use lists, bullets or small snippets on the page. However, you should also consider SEO as well as the position of the text relative to the images and information on the rest.

A website that is both designed and has content tailored to the target market is essential. It is not worth creating a website to appeal to everyone, because your customers and potential clients are the most important people to your business. To be able to do this, you will need to understand your target market so you can communicate this to your web designer.

Further research revealed that 44% will abandon a company’s website if the contact information is not readily available. You will find the contact information in the header of most web pages so it’s important not to neglect this vital piece of information.

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