What to wear for a casual dinner

If you are attending a casual dinner, you may be wondering what to wear. Do you go for a button-down shirt? Is a mens fishermans sweater OK? Dressing casually can be more challenging than you think. While the occasion does not call for formal attire, you probably don’t want to appear too casual either. Here are some top tips on what to wear for a casual dinner.

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Consider the location

Where you will be having dinner will give you some clues as to what to wear; for example, for a relaxed outdoor meal in a local pub garden, it would be fine to wear a mens fishermans sweater. This would not only look smart-casual but also keep you warm if the weather turns cooler.

Alternatively, if you are going somewhere like a steakhouse, you might want to wear layers so you can remove some if the restaurant is warm.

Dress for the occasion

To find the best outfit, it is a good idea to think about the occasion. If you are attending a relaxed dinner with friends, for example, you may want to dress a little more casually than if you are going on a date. According to a Springer Link study, the way we dress affects how others perceive us and also how we feel about ourselves. Even for a casual event, the way you dress is important in creating a good impression.

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If in doubt, the best way to dress is by using layers; for example, a T-shirt can be worn under a mens fishermans sweater or casual jacket to give you options depending on the occasion.

Dressing casually for dinner means navigating the middle area between formal and informal. With a little inspiration, you are sure to find the best outfit for the occasion.

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