How to be a better person and be happy? 7 Surprising Secrets of Total Overcoming

How to be a better person and be happy

Being a better person has great benefits. You have better opportunities, people instead of rejecting you want close to you, and you can take advantage of and enjoy great experiences in life. There are many ways to improve and be better. For example, in a sport or in a specific activity such as a job. Here, we bring 7 surprising secrets on how to be a better person and be happy.

How to be a better person and be happy?

However, if you want to be a better person, be a better human being … Then these 7 tips will help you a lot.

1. Eliminate Excuses

Usually, we have become accustomed to when something goes wrong, or when we do something wrong, or when we make mistakes; instead of taking the mistake, instead of accepting our mistakes … We made an excuse.

«No, it was just raining», «It’s just that the weather was not right», «It’s just that they were bad for me», «It’s just that …», «It’s just that …», «It’s just that …», «It’s just that …».

All those excuses make you a person who is not at your optimum point of personal development.

When you eliminate those excuses, what you do is start to change the way you make your decisions and what you do your things.

If you have to explain to a person why you could not comply, why you were late, or why something went wrong …

It is possible that you are sorry and, for the next one, the most probable thing is that you correct the error that delayed you or damaged what you were doing.

The most likely thing is that by eliminating the excuses, you start to improve because, to say those truths, you have to have some experiences that are in accordance and at the height of what you are going to say.

How to be a better person and be happy

2. Work In Your Wrath

Whether you suffer aggressive and uncontrollable attacks of anger, or from one moment to another you have frustrations, feel bad, and even depressed … It is important that you work on your emotions.

Specifically and the most damaging of all is the Ira. That is some way or another, analyze your temperament and analyze your state of humor so that you control, improve and optimize that part of you.

Because when you do it, you are much more stable and your emotions are much more controlled and less changeable; and your reactions with other people and with yourself, can improve.

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3. Practice Forgiveness

And keep in mind that forgiving does not necessarily mean forgetting, much less accepting what the other person said, much less agreeing with the bad decisions of others.

However, resentment is something that only affects you.

Resentment is like taking poison, waiting for the other person to die.

– Nelson Mandela

Resentment has no effect on the person who feels it, but only on us.

When we forgive, we are releasing those tensions from our lives and we eliminate completely those negative feelings that make us at all times to resume those frustrations and that negativism that, in some way or another, continues to poison us for life.

4. Be Honest And Totally Direct

We are very used to telling lies, even “pious lies.”

However, lying means that you are always creating a fantasy world, which is not real … Regardless of whether people believe you or not.

To be a good liar you have to have a prodigious memory, you have to be an expert in remembering what you said at some point to a person.

However, why should one lie? Well, because in some way, there are things in our life that are not at their optimum, which are not ideal.

When we lie, it is because we want to cover a dark side of ourselves; Then, when we tell the truth and we reveal ourselves to the world as we are, we are exposed with many flaws and many faults, right?

And therefore, it is time to commit ourselves to improve them so that the truth we want to transmit, is an optimal truth, a clean truth, a world in which we are a person worth knowing that others know as such and as we are.

Be Honest

5. Listen to Others

It is very common to find a conversation in which one of the two people only waits for the other to finish speaking …

We are waiting for the other to end so we can say our point of view, impose our ideas.

But rarely, do we actively listen to what the other person has to say, analyze their points of view (even if we do not agree with them) and wait patiently and attentively for the person to finish speaking so we can continue.

When you improve this aspect of your life, not only do other people appreciate it, but immediately you feel better about yourself and your self-esteem increases.

6. Stay Open to Change

We usually fear change, we want things to be as they always have been.

In fact, the term “family” is something we treasure a lot … People, family, friends; They are the people we are used to seeing every day.

And it is good that you begin to adapt to change because, if there is something that is constant and permanent always, it is change.

All the time there is change, especially in this information age, where every time the technologies and new developments are causing the world to transform completely.

That does not happen to you like the dinosaurs that became extinct because they could not adapt to a great change that there was on the planet.

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7. Consistently Educate

There is nothing that makes you improve as much as a human being, as education.

Education is here, it is even available today in large quantities, free of charge … For example on the Internet.

And it is only your decision to take advantage of all that amount of information that is there for you.

Even if there is information for which you must pay; I assure you it’s worth it.

As the saying goes: ” If education seems expensive, try ignorance “. Ignorance is much more expensive.

Then, when you educate yourself constantly, all the time you are guaranteed that you will improve. You will self-update and go at all times to achieve better levels of life.

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