Would you like to be a roofer?

Do you love working outdoors? Are you not scared of heights? You could become a roofer if you have the right skills. While there aren’t any formal requirements for education, employers value experience.

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You’ll need the following to work as a roofer:

  • Understanding how to read and understand building plans
  • Mathematical skills are essential for calculating prices, areas and amounts.
  • You must be good with your hands to have a strong practical ability

On a typical day, you may be expected to do the following:

  • Remove broken slates or tiles from the roof and replace them
  • Roof timbers should be inspected
  • Feel sheets that you can attach yourself
  • Cutting roofing materials correctly requires accurate measuring and cutting
  • Cover roof with slate, cladding or tiles
  • Installing lead flashing on chimneys and walls
  • Sealing up joists

Roofers work with other construction specialists, such as electricians, plumbers and joiners. As a roofer who is self-employed, you can set your own rates. When you need Roofing Companies Bristol, visit Mogford Prescott

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Roofers, as well as other tradesmen, work an average of 40 hours per week. However this can change depending on the seasons. In the winter, you may have to work fewer hours and in the summer, more.

Work involves working at heights, using ladders and scaffolding. The job is not complete without a focus on health and safety. Safety equipment such as a hardhat, harnesses and kneepads are required. You’ll need to be physically fit and work outdoors in all types of weather. Travelling locally is possible, but bigger projects may require you to stay away from home in temporary accommodation.

There are many progression paths and an additional qualification with the Level 3 Diploma for Roofing Occupations. Some roofers specialise in heritage conservation, solar panels or even thatching. You could also move into other related careers such as cost estimator or roofing surveyor.


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