Four Ways to Keep Confidential Information Safe in the Workplace

It is important to make sure that confidential data is treated with the necessary care in the workplace to prevent a data breach. Here are four things that you can do to keep your confidential information safe…

Train Staff on Confidentiality Procedures – Something that can often lead to a security breach is an accident by a staff member who is unaware of the procedures when dealing with confidential data. Staff training is important to make sure that the business runs safely and efficiently, and this includes when it comes to confidential documents.

Make sure that all staff are clear on the policies and procedures that need to be followed to ensure that all confidential data is handled and treated correctly.

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Restrict Access to Confidential Data – Making sure that only those who need to access confidential documents can is also something that you should do. Restricting access reduces the risk of confidential data getting into the wrong hands.

Keep it locked away or if on a computer stored safely and password protected, so only those who need access can get it.

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Dispose of Confidential Waste Correctly – You will need to have a clear out every so often, and when you do, you need to make sure that the disposal process is also done safely. Whether items are stored on paper or on computer hard drives, get a company that specialises in confidential waste destruction like this confidential paper shredding Cardiff based company to destroy it for you.

Ensure that Confidential Data is Stored Safely – Whether information is stored electronically on a computer or a tablet, or it is on paper, storing confidential information is something that needs to be done correctly and securely.

Firstly, wherever confidential information is stored needs to be kept locked, especially at night when there is nobody on the premises. Paying attention to the security of the premises is essential, so invest in good alarm systems and CCTV to protect your business from burglars who may be on the lookout for this data.

You also need to make sure that computers are password protected and sensitive documents are well protected that are stored on them, and using lockable filing cabinets and a safe also helps to keep things safe.

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