Celebrities And Their Love Of Indian Food

What is it about celebrities that we love so much? Such is our obsession that we feel we have to know every tiny detail about the clothes they wear like the Calvin Klein Menswear range sold at EJ Menswear, the food they eat, and what they get up to in their spare time. With the help of the World Wide Web, you can pretty much find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a celebrity at the click of a button. OK, so maybe that kind of behaviour is reserved for the ‘super fans’ out there, but the allure of the rich and famous is hard to resist.

As soon as you start looking into the world of celebrity eating habits you realise, they are just like us and all have different favorites’ type of cuisine that features at the top of many culinary wish lists is Indian food. This news is hardly surprising considering that it is also top of the list for most of the UK’s population. Here are a few celebs who have declared a passion for Indian food:

Lady Gaga

This is one celebrity who is never shy to express herself and her unique tastes. Such is her love of Indian food it has been reported that she could easily “go into an Indian food coma”. Lady Gaga has revealed that in an ideal world she would eat Indian food every day. However, her managers have banned her from doing so. It’s probably fair to assume that she enjoys non-vegetarian Indian food if her notorious meat dress is anything to go by.

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Matt Damon

One of Hollywood’s most down-to-earth actors, Matt Damon visited India seeing first-hand the projects funded by Water.org (the charity he helped set up). Keen to make known his love of the country’s cuisine he said: “I just love anything that’s curried. I love spice too. I like it a bit hot.” He struggles to pronounce some of the dishes, mind you.

Tom Cruise

While filming Edge of Tomorrow in the UK, Tom Cruise had a sudden craving for an extra spicy curry. Placing an order for him and his team at a local Indian restaurant (lobster and chicken tikka masala were part of the order) he didn’t realise the restaurant didn’t take American Express – and they certainly didn’t take the US dollars he had on him). Luckily a member of his team picked up the bill (and left a generous tip) and the actor got his curry fix.

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David Cameron

It is said that Britain’s Prime Minister is partial to a chicken Rogan josh. He has also hailed Indian cuisine as ‘a great British industry’.

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