Running a childcare facility safely from your home

When you have young children of your own at home and have always wanted to help look after other people’s babies and toddlers then running a home-based childcare facility could be a great way to earn extra money alongside doing something you love. If you have some professional childcare qualifications and enough space in your home, then you could achieve your dream.

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Having a current first-aid certificate, being up to date with training and knowing emergency C.P.R. is essential practice alongside keeping a basic health and safety procedure in place. Having some Spill Kits in your home is not only practical but sensible and these specialist kits can easily be obtained from a company such as

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Having a fire blanket and extinguisher alongside a first aid kit is a necessity if you do decide to run a childcare facility from your home. Common sense where health and safety is concerned goes a long way but having any essential equipment to hand should there be an emergency situation in your home is both practical and necessary. Only take on any other children that blend in well with your own youngsters and don’t try to manage more than you are comfortable with.  Make sure you know of any medical conditions that these children may have plus keep emergency phone numbers close by. Have one or two dedicated rooms set up in your home where the childcare can take place so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily homelife.

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