What is Contaminated Land and What can be Done About it?

Many areas of land in the UK have had different uses over the years. In some cases, previous use will have left it’s mark on the soil, even if there is no other evidence of what the land was once  used for. Land that is contaminated in this way is therefore a potential risk to the environment and humans.

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Exposure to the contaminated soil can occur in many ways – from the plants that are grown there then getting into the food chain and causing harm to wildlife or people who eat them, the inhaling of toxic dust that may be released from the land, or from touching the land itself.

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A few examples of land that may have been contaminated include sites that were once used for industrial reasons, former petrol stations or sites that were used by the military. Sites like this all need to be dealt with by a professional who knows what they are doing, like this contaminated land remediation company https://soilfix.co.uk in order to make it safe once again.

There are many different ways of doing this- it is mostly dependent on how badly contaminated the land is and the material that it is that is making it dangerous. Some jobs will also take longer than others to clear.

Once the land is safe, it can then be used once again – to build houses on or to grow plants on.

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