The condition of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sadly, there is a rise in the condition known as Alzheimers. It is one of the many reasons why the need for a Live in Care Gloucester company like requires people to come and work for them. We are getting better at diagnosing Alzheimers in patients but as for treatment and cure, we are still searching for the answers.

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The worst thing about Alzheimers is that it is a slow and degenerative disease. It can begin by simply starting to forget things that only just happened or are very recent. It then begins to affect the ability to speak, become lost easily and forget where one is, undergo swings in temperament and then, finally, body function control. Essentially the brain shrinks and this causes a loss in abilities.

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What causes this to happen in the brain is still something of a mystery. It is also proving difficult to understand what can be done to prevent it or at least limit getting it. One of the most promising approaches seems to be to eat healthy and take regular exercise regardless of the age you are at. Generally, anything that has been shown to help combat rapid aging. These are lifestyle changes. There are no known effective treatments at this time.  It can start at any age and gender makes no difference.

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