How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe When Travelling

One of the most important tips for avoiding theft is to keep your mobile phone in front of your body, visible and not protruding from your back pocket. This is where pickpockets are most likely to target you. While travelling, never put your mobile phone in your back pocket, which is the most common target for thieves. It is also easy for pickpockets to snag your phone from behind, if you are distracted or travelling with a companion. You should ensure bags that you carry are lockable and secure so nobody can reach in and steal your valuables.

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To ensure your privacy while travelling, set a PIN to protect your device. In case you lose the device or do have it stolen, any private information like bank card details will be inaccessible to anyone else. To be safe, use a VPN app that will protect your data over public and untrusted connections. Also, make sure to disable access to your controls and notifications when you lock your device. Find out about the best packages for using a phone abroad at a Vodafone Store Ireland such as

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Carry your phone in a strap. Wearing a strap around your wrist or neck makes it harder for thieves to steal it. Make sure to place it in a secure place, like the hotel’s safe if you are going out without it. The same security measures apply to cash, passports and jewellery, for example. That way, your phone won’t get stolen and ruin your holiday. If you’re unsure you will be able to keep your phone secure, leave it safe and secure in your hotel room.

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