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A film about love in later life

The film, “Something’s gotta give” pits two of the most acclaimed and accomplished North American actors. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson are the stars of the show, but they also have a great backup in the shape of Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet. Most “Rom-Coms” feature bright young things, just starting out in life, but “Something’s gotta give” is different. It features two 60-somethings coming together whilst being very different people. It’s the kind of love story that might even happen in the environment of Gloucester Park Homes. Come and see for yourself at

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In a strange twist of art imitating life, Nicholson plays a record company owner who only dates women under 30. This trend continues with the beautiful Marin Klein. They decide to take a trip to the Hamptons, hoping to have some alone time. However, this peace is destroyed when her mother, Erica, turns up. Dinner that night is difficult, made even worse when Harry has a heart attack. Rushed to the hospital he is treated by Doctor Julien (Reeves). He is told to stay near the hospital and rest. This means being with Erica.

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Erica is a playwright and nearer to Harry’s age. She is a completely different person from the rambunctious Harry, and they clash. However, through time and familiarity, the two begin to bond. There is a big barrier to the relationship developing any further. Marin, Erica’s daughter, is still going out with Harry and Doctor Julien and Erica are also becoming an item.

Marin sees the way the land lies and says she will break up with Harry. He gets in first and dumps her. He then proceeds to be intimate with Erica. When Marin finds out that her Father, Erica’s ex is getting married to a woman only a few years older than herself, she is scandalised. Erica couldn’t care less and is pleased for her ex-husband. She agrees to go with Marin to meet him. She sees Harry back to his old ways again when she is there. Erica challenges him and admits she loves him. Harry however does not return the sentiment.

Distraught, Erica returns home and writes a play based on the experience. It becomes a huge critical success, and she feels vindicated. Upon seeing the play Harry realises what a complete and utter fool he has been and tries to reconcile.


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