What is Disability Inclusion in the Workplace?

What is disability inclusion? Disability inclusion in the workplace is about promoting workplace values that support the full participation and advancement of all employees. A true inclusion of all employees, regardless of their physical or mental limitations, embraces differences and ensures everyone has an equal chance to succeed, learn, and advance. Inclusion is about making every employee feel valued and respected, not just one group. But, disability inclusion in the workplace goes far beyond this simple concept.

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Many definitions of disability inclusion refer to integrating people with disabilities into the daily lives of others. In fact, nearly 25 percent of adults have some kind of physical, cognitive, or emotional disability. This fact should not be ignored. Moreover, people with disabilities are among the most talented contributors in almost every field, from science to entertainment. Just think about Stephen Hawking. He suffered from motor neurone disease. Suitable adjustments must be made and these might include accessible spaces that accommodate Walking Aids, for example. Find out more at Ability Superstore

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Besides focusing on hiring the right people, disability inclusion also helps a company improve their profitability. The retention rate of employees with disabilities is generally higher than that of employees without disabilities. To ensure disability inclusion, businesses should provide appropriate workplace accommodations and support for all employees. When done correctly, disability inclusion will improve the productivity and profitability of every employee and be a source of inspiration for the community in which the business operates.

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