A check that would have stopped a heist

Films like to push our sense of disbelief. One of those films is “A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square”. It’s a late 70s British heist movie. What makes it special is that rather than have the gang run into the bank with Shotguns and demand money, they use clever and ingenious ways to rob the bank of its cash. The tale centres around Pinky, an ex-con who has been let out early from prison due to good behaviour.

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Pinky is a changed man and is going to use his skills as an electrician to go straight. Because banks didn’t have the ability to run an AML IDENTITY CHECK, like those from https://www.w2globaldata.com/regulatory-compliance-solutions-and-software/aml-id-checks/, in the 70s, the local bank employs Pinky to rewire the place, in particular, it’s security cameras!

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In fact, Pinky is determined to not stray back into a life of crime, but he is coerced by a local gangster who threatens him into helping them rob the bank. Pinky is able to turn off the system long enough for the cameras to be ineffective. However, the gangster leader, played by a clearly sickening David Niven, won’t let PInky off the hook and wants him to do more jobs. Pinky refuses and reports the gang. He makes good his escape with the aid of his friend, Foxy and his Ice cream van.

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