How to stick to a diet? 5 healthy and effective ways

How to stick to a diet

Do you wonder how to stick to a diet? Enough of rigorous regimes. Keep a healthy diet, without it becoming tedious. Fulfilling a diet to the letter makes the difference between success and failure. 

Both men and women who have come with us and tell us that they have previously tried hundreds of diets, but cannot fulfill them as it should due to various reasons. The temptation for prohibited foods is a diet great; we know it. When you are dieting, thinking about the foods you should not eat can become chronic and is what eventually leads to breaking the diet.

How to stick to a diet

How to stick to a diet?

Remember that creating a habit takes time, but if you can overcome the test of fire, which is the first weeks of the diet, this will become something natural in you and you will not have any problem in continuing to feed yourself healthy. In this way, we can not only improve our figure but also be healthy, with more energy and of course feeling very well.

As well: In the subsequent process of how to follow a diet without breaking it, we will avoid the rebounds and relapses that usually occur with very extreme or “miraculous” diets. It’s not about starving yourself for a special occasion, getting into a dress or getting ready for the summer; It is about generating a habit of feeding that allows you to be healthy and feel good with your body.

Fulfilling the diet will be a simple task, and it will eliminate meals that do not do good to from your body. You will only notice these changes!


1. Water is your best friend

Do you want to know the secret to know how to follow a diet without breaking it? Water is an essential element in any diet (and in life itself) This should never be missing in our daily consumption. The sugary drinks that flood the market have moved us away from the main element of life and the best ally of our health.

If we want our diet to work: We must adopt water again as our main drink and forget about soft drinks. One of the great benefits of water is its null caloric content. Drinking water constantly will help cleanse the body, and not only that, a drink of water can help us feel full and avoid snacks between meals. Every time you feel the craving, take a drink of water.

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In this way: We will associate water with well-being, and it will be easier to include it in our diet permanently, forgetting about soft drinks. Also, taking a large glass of water before each meal will generate a feeling of fullness that will prevent us from getting hungry for more. What do you think of this advice to understand how to follow a diet without breaking it?

5 meals a day

2. Take 5 meals a day

We never tire of saying it. This is one of the best tips to achieve perfect compliance with your diet and not fall into temptation. Our body works by time, and these are the ones that we must take advantage of to optimize the consumption of food.

For example: During the night, our metabolism works more slowly, that is why dinner should be light and at least 2 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the food we eat will be easier to accumulate as fat in the body. If we make 5 meals a day: Two strong and 3 light, we will avoid hunger between meals that usually means junk food or with the little nutritional contribution.

Our metabolism will constantly be working and will take better advantage of the nutritional contribution of the organism. Also, we will not arrive at the next meal hungry for more and we will eat only what is necessary.\

Eat in small plates

3. Eat in small plates

As we mentioned, many times the secret to achieving our diet is to deceive our mind, because the cravings may be due to anxiety or stress by the fact of having prohibited certain foods or quantities. The saying that food enters through the eyes may be true, and many people try to trick their eyes to their stomachs to feel satisfied and not overeat.

A good trick for this is: Use small plates If we see a large plate with little food, the signal we send to our brain indicates that it is little food, on the contrary, the same amount of food in a smaller dish, it will seem that much more is what we are going to eat, and therefore, we are likely to feel satisfied with what we have consumed. Try it and tell us in the comments section how this trick worked!

Do some exercise

4. Leisure or anxiety? Do some exercise

Another tip to know how to follow a diet without breaking it. Exercise activates your metabolism; it is also the most effective remedy for stress, insomnia, and anxiety. When you feel anxiety or leisure that can lead you to eat something that is prohibited in your diet, make an active decision and do a little exercise, it can be the beginning of an excellent habit.

Too many people: They have a hard time deciding to exercise, and this is because they are just not used to it. The secret to getting hooked with the exercise is to perform one that you like. Walk, ride a bike, jump rope, swim, dance. You can try several and see which one you enjoy doing the most.

Exercise is one of the two most important parts to be healthy! If you are already working for a better diet, exercise is the next step to fulfill, and one activity complements the other. Surely after riding a bicycle you.

Start with simple exercises and little by little you will want to increase yourself. A good option is to look for someone who wants to exercise with you. Remember, every time you feel the craving, go for a walk, bike or exercise instead of going to see what’s in the refrigerator.


5. Liberate your store of temptations

It happens to all of us that at certain times of the day there is a kind of emotional hunger. We crave something sweet or fried or something that breaks with our diet. We want to run to the refrigerator or the pantry and fill that gap with some cookies or whatever we find.

There are ways to control that: As we mentioned in the previous point, exercise is an excellent option to kill this stress. However, we can all fall into temptation. A very good way to counteract this and avoid a break with the diet, which afterward will cause a sense of failure and could lead to continuing breaking the rules of the diet, is to have only healthy foods at home.

It’s good: Have snacks or something for those times when we need to take something to the mouth, but if we avoid having very caloric food at home, we will be taking an important step. It is not enough to “hide” it or to think that it will not hurt to have it there.

The best thing is to forget about all those foods: And only have food at home that meets the specifications and objectives of our diet. If your whim is too much, in which you leave your house and look for a store or something, surely you have already reflected and you would have realized that it was a simple passenger whom other things can replace that.

Better opt for: Tea is a great ally because its aroma and flavor will make us feel more satiated than water, if we feel like ice cream, chewing ice can also be a good idea. We do not want you to starve yourself. We want you to start by changing to healthier habits, and in a short time, you will not need any of these tips. You will only know which foods you want to consume and which ones have been left in the past. Remember, everything is a matter of forming a habit.


In particular, it is not as difficult as you think knowing how to follow a diet without breaking it. Remember that you can complement your process in Thermal Therapy Valley. We complement your bandage sessions with a diet made to measure to achieve your goals and avoid rebounds.

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