Easy diet plans that you need according to your goals

Easy diet plans

If we listen to the word easy diet plans, the first thing we think is suffering and prohibitions but the good news is, it does not have to be that way. A diet is nothing other than organizing meals in a way that food helps us achieve our goals. Raising it negatively is one of the first failures and leads to hinder any type of organized food.

The key to a diet is to change the person’s habits and do it in a logical, moderate and especially healthy way. Therefore ‘putting’ on a diet is a mistake, since what should be a common trend becomes exceptional. The habit of eating correctly according to our body or our needs or goals should be a constant, not something out of the ordinary. In general terms, a healthy diet must give great importance to fruits and vegetables. A quarter must be carbohydrates and another quarter proteins. All this thinking of healthy meals, foods as ‘pure’ as possible and leaving ‘trans’ fats forgotten. Hydration with water is essential for an active life.


However, if we want to achieve a specific goal we must support ourselves in a more concrete way in what we eat. You have heard about all types of diets… the Dukan diet, the ketogenic diet, the dissociated diet … each has its own peculiarities. Adapting what you eat to your physical activity, so the calories and the type of nutrients are used in favor of what you want to achieve in that specific phase. If your intention is to gain muscle, a goal as complicated as losing weight, carbohydrates and proteins should be your great allies. In this diet to gain muscle, it is very important to carry out many daily meals, without leaving the training. With some easy diet plans and clear guidelines like types of hydrates and the help of a professional together you will get the meals with ‘your life’.

Easy diet plans




Although each diet is a world, in a generic way yours can be something like this:


  • A piece of fruit and cereals with semi milk.
  • You can change the cereals for a toast of whole wheat bread with tomato and oil.
  • Mid-morning
  • A piece of fruit or a skimmed yogurt.
  • Food Combines carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal. For example, a cold soup of vegetables accompanied by white meat with brown rice or a soft stew of legumes. For dessert placed by fruit.


  • A glass of semi milk with two crackers.


 As with food, vegetables should never be missing; along with protein and a small contribution of carbohydrates, such as a tortilla or grilled white fish, with baked vegetables and a slice of wholemeal bread. For dessert, better choose a skim yogurt.


This commitment to ‘balanced’ food moves away from fad diets, which can achieve short-term results but do not help you improve the way you eat. In addition, in many cases eating ‘in a way’ apparently healthy does not imply that it is true, such as the vegan diet. There are many foods for vegans that are worse for the interests of the body than non-vegans, for their contribution of salt, sugars or other processed components.

If we talk about the mythical Keto diet or ketogenic diet, based on few carbohydrates and fat, there are some side effects of this diet. Removing hydrates completely means leaving our body without gasoline more important, and that ends up ‘pay’ with fatigue and worse performance in training. This type of diet can work for you, but it is not a recommended way of doing things. Best to follow these easy diet plans we have mentioned above.

Easy diet plans


  • Eat normally, natural products and little processed.
  • Do not demonize any type of nutrient or food, because in that prohibition will be the temptation, and it will complicate everything much more.
  • Bet on the foods you like the most (unfortunately, you cannot eat pizza all day) within the limits that we propose. If you have to eat fruits and vegetables … eat your favorites. Some will like you among the enormous variety of flavors and forms that these important foods have.
  • Add ‘clean’ proteins, bake in the oven, steam or iron, fleeing completely from the fried ones, which contribute little to your diet.
  • Make decisions and do not sacrifice everything at once, at first you will have trouble understanding that you cannot have everything on a diet, drink with alcohol, repeat a dish and sweet dessert. You will need time, moderation and common sense (and a nutritionist in some cases) to know what you have to do for adopting your easy diet plans.
  • The ‘little’ caprices are not as small as you can think and one by one they end up becoming a nonsense for your diet. Try hard and you will see results, but do not expect miracles without doing the right merits.

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