Driving on the Motorway for the First Time

For new drivers, one of the most daunting parts of driving is often the motorway. It is only recently that learner drivers have been allowed on the motorway, to give them some experience, but the motorway is not part of the driving test itself.

Going onto a motorway once you have passed your test on your own for the first time is something that many new drivers worry about, however motorways are usually the safest roads to drive on in the UK, and accidents are far more likely to happen on country lanes and in city centres than on the motorway!

However, if you are nervous about going onto a motorway it is wise to be prepared as a small mistake can have bigger consequences on a faster road, so here are some tips to help you…

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Take someone with you – Going with an experienced driver as your passenger is a good idea for the first time, as they will be able to help you and reassure you. It could be a parent or a friend but choose someone sensible who has plenty of motorway driving experience.

Be aware of signs and markings – There are lots of signs that you will need to react to on the motorway and also markings on vehicles like chapter 8 chevrons like this www.pvluk.com/chapter-8-chevrons that will be on a vehicle working on the highways like the police or a recovery vehicle. Smart motorways will have signs that display speed limits which can change so be aware of these.

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Go at a quieter time of day – The first time you get on a motorway is easier if you go when it is not as busy. Going in rush hour when there are lots of people heading to work is not a great idea if it is your first time and you are nervous, so a Sunday morning or later in the evening is a better time to do your first motorway trip.

Take a pass plus course – Something that many people find helpful to build their motorway confidence is a pass plus course. As well as being helpful to build confidence, it also helps you by reducing your car insurance. As well as motorways, pass plus courses can also go into other things that help you like night driving, town driving and country lanes.

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