Curtain schemes to try for spring

Spring is a great time to give your home a new lease of life. A simple way to do this is with curtain designs that reflect the new season, so let’s take a look at curtain schemes that pair well with spring.
Neutral shades

If you like understated decor, go for the neutral colours that are seen outdoors during spring. Ecru, stone and sandy colours are classic curtain options and match the thriving scenery outside. Neutrals also provide a backdrop for any bolder decor you have indoors.

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Soft pastels

According to Very Well Mind, different colours can affect the mind and body. Softer colours, such as pastels, can evoke calm, serenity, and freshness.

Pastels are great for spring, as they are soft and delicate. Baby pink, sky blue and apple green curtains can give your home a relaxed and soothing vibe. Pastels also enhance the flowers and trees that grow at this time of year.


Floral curtains are perfect for spring, as they reflect the blooming plants outside. You could be elegant with smaller, ditsy florals or create a bold statement with larger flowers.

If you opt for dramatic floral curtains, make sure their colour scheme works with your window materials. You can buy new windows in a range of styles from companies such as

Sheer fabrics

Spring brings more sunlight, which looks amazing as it enters your home. If you have windows Stroud or other areas in the UK, use curtains made from sheer fabrics to let light pass through. Lighter materials give a romantic, airy feel, which makes your home seem larger.

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These curtain schemes will help you bring the wonder of spring into your living space, making your home feel more inviting as a result.

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