Xiaomi Created A Temperature Control Jacket

Xiaomi Created A Temperature Control Jacket

We do not know how you are, but we can remember how we caught ourselves in thoughts, like: “But you could create heated socks! But you would have a scarf! But you would have a heated coat!” But now everything is too late to patent the idea because the Chinese company Xiaomi has already implemented this idea by creating a heated jacket called 90Points Temperature Control Jacket. What can be experienced here besides joy? Finally, someone made this feat. At first glance it seems – so what? However, think about it, this model can solve several problems at once. First, the jacket should no longer be voluminous to truly warm up. Secondly, compactness allows you to take it with you. Thirdly, it can be worn in different seasons – in spring, autumn, and winter. By the way, the last point is relevant and within one season, because often the weather is extremely changeable during the day and it is just not clear what to wear to fit it. The same thing happens when traveling! Today, we will tell you everything about the miracle of a new product.

Xiaomi Created A Temperature Control Jacket

Features of Xiaomi temperature control jacket


Waterproof jacket 90Points Temperature Control Jacket is made in the classic black color, which makes it the most versatile and practical. In principle, if you were familiar with the company’s products before, you probably noticed that any of their things externally have traditional distinctive features: it is simplicity (minimalism), presentability and basic colors (to always be up to the place and with everything combined). So here: the model is sporty, but restrained so that if you have a sensitive sense of style, you can combine this thing even with trousers and a jacket. What is beautiful, the jacket has a comfortable hood, and the neck area closes the gate. To adjust the hood for yourself or how to hide from the wind, you can use adjustable lacing. High pockets on the sides have dermatinovy ​​firmware – for durability and durability. In addition to them, there is a small hidden pocket, and all three are lockable.

Xiaomi Created A Temperature Control Jacket

HEATEX thermoregulation technology

The system consists of a thermo-controller, connector, heating film, and two heating controls. It sounds big, but in reality, all this does not pay any attention to itself – the jacket is like a jacket. So, the first good news: you can adjust the temperature; second: the heating is turned off automatically as soon as you take off the jacket, that is, you can not think about it at all. You should also not worry about moisture ingress since IPX7 class protection is installed. Moreover, the product can be washed, you can spend all day in the rain – there are no restrictions.

The above-mentioned heating film was developed by the best specialists from the Academy of Sciences of China so that you can be sure about the safety of the product and its quality work. During the use of the jacket, six levels of protection are included in the work, which ensures respect for the owner’s body, regardless of how actively he moves. Even in the case of extreme situations – such as a short circuit or overheating – the electronic element is automatically deactivated. However, the manufacturer says that such cases are extremely unlikely.

As part of the design, there are heating nanotubes that are made of carbon material, and I must say, this is a real innovation – and not only for China but for the world in general. To date, there are no analog products (clothing) created using this technology and available for the mass user. Let us return to our jacket: in the Temperature Control Jacket, there are two areas of heating – the neck and the waist. It is from there that heat spreads over the entire area of ​​the jacket. And it is not by chance that these places were chosen: they must be kept warm first of all – in order to preserve our health. In addition, the body works in such a way that it feels warm in these areas and warms up in others.

Xiaomi Created A Temperature Control Jacket


To control the capabilities of the jacket, you need to use the silicone button, conveniently located at the bottom – just about the same level as your palm. By the way, you probably noticed a similar element on sports jackets before? Often it is a label or something like that. Here, the round detail is a real control panel, although it doesn’t rush to your eyes, because everyone has become accustomed to this! So, holding this button down for 2 seconds, you activate the heating system – the red indicator informs about it. After switching on, you can change the heating modes by briefly pressing the button. There are two modes in total – 40 and 50 degrees. When you turn on the jacket automatically starts the second. When using the fast charge mode, the heating rate up to forty degrees is only six seconds!


The jacket will warm the owner not only thanks to electronic devices but also on its own because the goose down serves as a filler – its 90%. As is known, it is the down in nature that has the highest thermal insulation qualities. In addition, this filling ensures a pleasant softness of the product. Properties inherent in goose down, it is impossible to imitate, despite the development of modern technologies and synthetic materials. The down practically does not absorb moisture (in our case – absolutely, since the jacket is in principle waterproof). As for durability, on average such a filler will last for two decades. Besides the fact that goose down is the warmest option for filling for a jacket, it is also the easiest and also absolutely resistant to deformation – that is, neither washing nor folding the product will harm it.

Xiaomi Created A Temperature Control Jacket


The Xiaomi 90Points Temperature Control Jacket will work if you connect it to an external battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh: this will last for about ten hours of continuous heating. Also supported in our time favorite mode of fast charging, which speeds up the process of heating the jacket several times.

In conclusion

If you asked us whether we should buy a Xiaomi 90Points Temperature Control Jacket with a heated jacket, we would answer with a definite “yes”. This is not just a part of the wardrobe, but a truly functional thing, which in our weather conditions will be especially relevant. Just remember the past winter, what is there – even now – look out the window: how do you like spring? Therefore, we give all the votes for this great product. Also, think about travel, if there is one in your life. This jacket is good for different options: hiking or trips to places with different climates (for example, climbing the cold mountains from a warm city).

Trust Xiaomi, as you know, you can – year after year, they prove it by creating high-quality and durable things. So get warm on health!

Xiaomi Created A Temperature Control Jacket

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Xiaomi 90 points
  • Model: Temperature Control Jacket
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Type: jacket
  • Black color
  • Pockets: two large external, one secret
  • Hood: there is
  • Control: with a button
  • Degree of water resistance: IPX7
  • Battery capacity: 10,000 mAh
  • Protection against short circuit and overheat: yes

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