Six tech gadgets that use solar power

Solar energy is produced by harnessing energy from the sun, making it an infinite source of green, renewable energy.

Recent developments in technology have resulted in many people choosing to integrate solar power into their everyday lives, offsetting their impact on the environment whilst reducing their energy bills and even adding value to their homes.
For immediate savings, invest in an affordable solar-powered gadget. Even small steps contribute towards helping the planet.

Six gadgets to consider

1. Mobile phone chargers are possibly the most frequently used equipment in modern-day Britain. Phones provide a means of connection and communication; with solar power, you can ensure usage is maintained even when the grid goes down.

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2. Dummy CCTV packages give the appearance of home protection. Solar power can be utilised by ensuring the equipment displays a red flashing light, giving the appearance of a functioning security system.

3. Motion sensor lighting is also a useful security addition to your home. It can be fully powered by solar energy.

4. Solar-panelled fans are a great way of providing ventilation to your home without seeing a hike in your electricity bills. Coming in at 10-watt, these devices are compact and transportable.

5. Bluetooth speakers can be purchased that rely strictly on solar energy, meaning you can enjoy music without relying on energy from the grid. They are fully transportable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

6. A solar-powered water fountain works via a solar-powered pump. It helps with the air quality by maintaining air humidity, both indoors and outdoors.

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Do you want to take the next step in becoming greener? If so, the installation of solar panels in Cheltenham or elsewhere in the UK means you don’t have to rely on the power grid. You can even reap the financial rewards of exporting solar energy back to the grid. For information on the installation of solar panels Cheltenham, consult a local specialist.

Investing in solar power is a smart move, both for the environment and your bank balance.

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