Advertising: 3 practical marketing tips for doing good publicity

Once it was said that advertising was the soul of commerce. It’s still true. But how do you advertise today with very competitive budgets and, moreover, in the ocean of the web, where there are a thousand competitors for your product? Here are some practical marketing tips for doing good publicity.

Exactly: once upon a time there was advertising, the “reclaim”, that of carousel on the television with the cathode ray tube, that of the posters on the walls of the cities, on the pages of newspapers, in the voices of the radio. It’s still there today. But it is not said that it has the same efficacy as once, much less the same cost as in the past.

How has the consumer and commerce changed?

A fundamental premise: to understand how advertising has changed, we must first understand how consumers and commerce have changed. Let’s start with the latter: the large-scale retail trade (GDO) has upset the commercial fabric. Goodbye little neighborhood shops. Welcome to the world of shopping centers or to the center of excellence, connected to a national or international brand. Then the consumer. One no longer buys only on long-term trust towards a merchant who has served entire generations of our family. Today the expense is made on at least two levels: product search and search for the best price for that product. The product lines have become so many, because the key word is to personalize the product as much as possible. So it’s easy (and even fun) to look for your product, the one that best meets the needs, curiosity and vices of the consumer. Then the purchase phase: is it possible to spend something less? And here comes the second search, for the lowest price. Now that the situation is clearer, let’s return to the initial question: how is advertising done today, perhaps without spending a capital?

practical marketing

3 practical marketing tips to start doing good publicity

1) Message: Advertising is no longer a slogan, because consumers are fed up with pre-packaged messages that do not want to say anything. Consumers want to hear and see fun, useful, convenient, interesting things. No more phrases. Better this way: instead of drawing on the imagination, we need to convey the qualities of the product / service and easily explain its “why”.

2) Technology: Advertising should no longer be isolated on a single channel: whether you are in a TV commercial, or in a radio advertisement, you always need a website. Why? Because the consumer, after the spot, will want information and the most direct and fast way – without leaving home or even getting off the couch – is to go to Google or to the site indicated in the ad. Maybe you can make the purchase directly online.

3) Budget: There is almost no longer a large advertising campaign that began and ended in a short time. Today we are in a permanent advertising campaign, because consumer loyalty is very difficult to maintain. Just explained above: always new opportunities on Google and always new discounts. Difficult to remain faithful in the long run. Better to take advantage of the opportunities. Then the most effective answer is to prepare for “micro” advertising, with a limited budget but spread over a longer period of time and with a more limited target (i.e. with a target audience), to increase the success of the message. Thus the aim is better taken.

The message, the target and a small budget

In the end it is clear that advertising has changed because the consumer and commerce have changed. There is much more competitiveness on product ranges and prices to choose from – with just a few clicks or taps on the smartphone screen.

In this situation doing good publicity means doing 3 good things …

  • Understanding the true utility, prestige, interest, of your product or brand
  • Find who is really interested in buying it
  • Set up small but prolonged campaigns that also pass (but not only) on the web and social media, without fainting

But before advertising … to understand how we can help your company, fill in the same form below and you will be contacted for a free meeting. Do the same even if you are not satisfied with your current activity on the web and want to have more results with a more targeted investment. Doing better on the web does not mean spending more.

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