5 new hybrid cars featured at the Geneva Motor Show

new hybrid cars

It is clear that, together with the electric cars, new hybrid cars have also created a lot of interest at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. There have been utilitarian, compact and saloons of all kinds. The event, which was held at Palexpo from March 7 to 17, 2019, served as the stage for both the most anticipated releases and for the brands to wear their most outstanding models.

Undoubtedly, the Geneva Motor Show was characterized by two significant details: the arrival of a number of electric cars and plug-in hybrids and the absence of important brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, Volvo, Hyundai, MINI and Opel.

Here we review 5 of the most outstanding new hybrid cars of this new edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

New hybrid cars in Geneva Motor Show:

Puritalia Berlinetta

new hybrid cars

We could define it as a coupe version of the 427 Roadster, but it has really changed in a certain way. It has a chassis of carbon fiber and aluminum, carbon body, its weight is distributed at 50% between the two axes and has a PHEV system of 979 hp and 1,248 Nm, from a 5.0 V8 block and an electric motor. The curiosity of this car is that only 150 units will go on the market.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Tastefully presented as a prototype, it retains most of the features with the Stelvio. As for the cabin itself, Alfa Romeo has been more creative than on other occasions. It has been announced that it will have a plug-in hybrid propulsion system, becoming the first PHEV of the Italian brand. The final model of this kind of new hybrid cars will be formed by a 1.3 gasoline engine, in addition to an electric block for the versions of this type of the Renegade and the Compass between 190 and 240 HP.

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer

new hybrid cars

Imposing its design makes this one of the most special new hybrid cars at the Geneva Motor Show. In the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer we see certain features that we will find in future Mitsubishi models. At the same time, its most definite features are not the most important of this prototype that has been presented in Geneva, but its powerful propulsion system.

The general concept of these types of new hybrid cars improves the Outlander PHEV system. Next to the 2.4 gasoline block come two electric motors, one on each axis, making it able to travel up to 70 kilometers in a 100% electric mode, reaching a range of 700 kilometers.

Cupra Formentor

It is characterized by a plug-in hybrid mechanics that combines quality and sportsmanship. With up to 245 HP of power, it uses an automatic DSG box that has a double clutch, while if we refer to its autonomy it reaches up to 50 kilometers of range in fully electric mode. Even presenting itself as a prototype, the final version will be very similar to this and soon will be known all the details of this great car.

McLaren Speedtail

new hybrid cars

Although this model was already known some time ago, McLaren has decided on hybridization to bring this sports car to light. The Speedtail perfectly combines a 4.0 V8 biturbo engine with 746 hp and 799 Nm along with another electric block of up to 308 hp and 347 Nm. Thanks to this, it achieves a total power of 1,035 HP and 1,149 Nm.

The McLaren Speedtail is arriving and will start manufacturing in a few months, at the end of 2019. Today, more than 100 units have already been sold, starting at a cost of just over 2 million dollars.

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