Where will you watch the race?

Have you ever watched a Grand prix and thought how great it would be to actually attend one? Just imagine being there at Rascasse in Spain Belgium or at Silverstone. Picture seeing that Ferrrari flying down to the final bend of the Brick yard, the only banked turn in Formula one, or the spectacle that is Monaco. It certainly makes for an incredible viewing experience.

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The trouble with Formula one tracks is that they are generally out of town. There is a reason for this a good number of them are based on old disused runways dating back to the Second World war. Silverstone is one such site and it has suffered for it in terms of getting there for years.  So much so that the “home” of British Motorsport and the British Grand Prix was threatened with closure if it didn’t make significant changes to its infrastructure, the queues to get in were horrendous and the public generally looked on in jealous awe at the helicopters coming in and out as this seems to be the quickest way in.

It wasn’t just Silverstone. Spa has had its issues, Suzuka in Japan, the only figure of eight on the calendar and very popular as it’s sometimes a title deciding race can become extremely congested. If you’re a resident of Monaco then it’s wise to take a long weekend elsewhere when the Formula one circus comes to town and Magny-Cours the French Grand Prix is not used anymore despite being lauded as the most television friendly designed course when it was launched. It was amazing to think that the administrative body of Formula one, which is based in France, did not have a home race until Paul Ricard took up the mantle again in 2018. Even when you do go the site can be crowded as fans try to grab the best places around the sites recognised flash points. Even then your only able to see that one aspect.

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You do not need to worry about such things when you have a hospitality package. They are position high up to give you a great view and your catering is taken care off so that you don’t have to bring sandwiches or go hunting off for a bar or mobile café. You also don’t need to worry about safety either as events like this may have accidents but they will have Events Medical Cover from companies like https://outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/event-medical-cover/.

If you are holding an event where you think there is a need for this why not take a look yourself even if it’s for advice on the day.   Most provide screens so that you can see the action elsewhere on the track and it’s in the dry. Why not spoil yourself?

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