How these Brits have escaped the housing crisis

With house prices continuing to rise and the availability of private homes to rent declining, finding a home has already put many in a difficult situation. However, there are some unconventional ways of finding a solution to the housing crisis. Here’s what some have done to find a home when others can’t.

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Unconventional homes

When you simply can’t afford a deposit for a new home, you must look elsewhere to find a place to stay. A group of friends found their new home whilst working in shipping containers and realised that they would also make great accommodation. So that’s exactly what they did.

In Hong Kong, a local architect believes that using concrete water pipes may be a short term solution to their housing crisis. Similar to a shipping container, a pipe can be kitted out to provide a modern living space, which benefits from an affordable price.

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Whilst micro homes were initially marketed as an additional space for a home or garden, those who are struggling to find their own home are looking into the possibility of using them as permanent accommodation. Whilst they may need to convince local councils first, the full range of amenities that a micro home includes would certainly make a great living space, albeit a small one.

Another option for those who are looking at a downsized version of a family home is a residential home park. This type of home, which is fully equipped for everyday living, is traditionally used by retirees wishing to downsize. However, with homes available at a fraction of the cost of a traditional house, it could soon be a realistic possibility for anyone looking for affordable accommodation Companies such as ensure that the plots have everything that you could need, and so if you are in Bedfordshire park homes for sale may be worth researching.

Homes on the go – van, boat

Whilst many use a caravan or motorhome for holidays, some have found that using these as permanent accommodation is the only way they can have their own home. From a homely river boat, to a converted van, these options allow those without the ability to place an excessive deposit on a house the chance to have their own private living quarters, at a fraction of the cost.


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