Website content needs a refresh

Thinking of new and unique content for your blog or website is often a difficult task, so here are some ideas for inspirational website content.

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Your corner of the market

Write an introductory post about your website’s specialisation. These prove popular amongst website users and help to establish your role as an expert in your field. Conduct some research on what is trending, or attend an event, and write a post about it. Stick to topics that correlate with the interests and services of your brand.

Think about making a ‘hack’ post to solve common niggles and issues that your niche market faces, giving useful insider tips and practical advice.

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Your audience

89 per cent of adults in the UK are regular users of the internet, so good website content can really make a difference to your brand.

Consider inviting a guest blogger to post on your website. Someone who can offer their unique views and insights on a chosen topic – even a friend – can present a fresh perspective and increase engagement on your website. Also run content campaigns, such as a ‘picture of the week’ competition for your visitors. This ensures people will become repeat visitors to your website.

Encourage your customers to leave positive testimonials on your website. This can be an extremely valuable tool for generating business. Also think about asking your readers to participate in surveys, which will generate interesting content while gaining valuable feedback.

Add an FAQ section to your website that answers your customers’ most common questions. This increases engagement while providing useful information for visitors.

Linking content

Write a post that lists and highlights previous articles on certain topics. Build links to these articles in your post, as this will also improve search engine optimisation. For more tips in this are, consult a ryco seo belfast agency who specialise in SEO Belfast way or anywhere in the UK.
Consider including a news and headline section on your website. Plenty of newsworthy stories will relate to your business and can help to drive traffic to different pages on your site.

Social media

Platforms such as Pinterest are full of interesting and exciting content. Utilise social media platforms that are suitable for your brand and ensure you link and prompt your users to connect with you on these platforms.


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