Re organise your shelving and belongings

We spend our lives collecting things, often from our travels and sometimes just because we like them. They tell a story but often, unless we have a designer’s eye or some training, some of the story gets lost in the ‘delivery’ or how we show off our possessions.

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Choose things you love. It’s your home, so it should be full of objects that mean something to you. With that simple rule, you’ll start to notice a definite style theme, even if that is somewhat eclectic. A colour that keeps popping up, or a pattern or a subject matter like ‘travel’ are all popular themes that help people determine their style.

1. Height

Choose objects that aren’t all identical when you’re grouping things together. Have different heights and widths to add interest and stop the display looking flat. A vase, and then flowers within it, is a great way to add extra height.

2. Texture

Like height, different textures help the brain to process the display. Think of opposites: something shiny with something fluffy, something wooden with something soft.

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3. Bookcases

Shelving specialists will be able to demonstrate that bookcases and shelving are able to display all sorts of things and not just books. Industrial shelving Ireland, UK and elsewhere is being brought into our homes to help us curate our own stories in a modern, contemporary setting.

4. Odd Numbers

Simple rules of composition mean that the eye is drawn to the centre of a group of objects, so use an odd number to facilitate that. Three is an obvious place to start, though five or seven will also work.

5. Space

Space can be a good thing. Don’t feel tempted to fill every spare inch of space available, because it will soon look like clutter and focus will be distracted from the things that really matter.  Off course if you have a lot of objects you want to keep but you don’t necessarily want them on display to the general public you could always contact a Loft conversion Bristol company at links such as  to come and create that all important extra storage space in your home.
6. Collections

Collections of bottles or candles or anything else can be great displayed together, and the repetition can be a beautiful thing. Don’t forget the other tips – odd numbers, differing heights and textures – and you’ll be able to make a powerful statement.

For more tips on how to arrange your possessions into an eye-catching display, read the advice on the Design Sponge.

These are guidelines, of course. Remember that it’s your story – tell it however it suits you.

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