How to Make a Bag Out of a Long Sleeve Shirt

how to make a bag out of a long sleeve shirt

Now that the weather (for the most part) is suitable for enjoying the outdoors, I would like to have a summer handbag, to store some snacks, water, sunscreen, etc. and launch myself to spend a great day outdoors, on the edge of a pond or on the banks of a river, and why not, go to the beach. Here, we will discuss how to make a bag out of a long sleeve shirt. I did look in the closet and grabbed a couple of T-shirts, which were in the back and that I was no longer using and I started to create my own T-shirt bag.

How to make a bag out of a long sleeve shirt?

You will need:

  • Two old t-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Ruler or other straight edges
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Cotton ribbon
  • Adhesive interlining (optional)

how to make a bag out of a long sleeve shirt

Step 1:

To make this project even easier, we are going to make as few cuts as possible. Take your scissors and cut into one of the side seams for each shirt, all the way down to the sleeve. Leave the other side attached.

Step 2:

After you have cut one of each side seam, lay each shirt flat on its cut base and use the straight/rotary cut advantage to go horizontally through the shirt. Basically what you are doing is cutting the sleeves and neck, leaving only two rectangles of fabric.

I have used two medium shirts and finished with rectangles that were about 38 × 80 cm / 15 «x 32», but this depends on how big you want to make the bag and the size of the shirts you use, their measurements may vary.

Step 3:

My shirt was on the weak side, so I opted to add some of the adhesive interlining to the back of it. This part is 100% optional. Sew a 1/2 cm / 1 ″ seam around the perimeter of the shirt pile, leaving a few inches/cm open at one end so you have enough room to flip everything to the right.

Step 4:

Fold the large rectangle of the fabric in half and decide how you want to close the left side and the bottom. If you have a heavy-duty machine, you are not concerned with sending as many layers under the needle. If you are with a normal machine, we are going to talk about the virtues of the fixing network. This is a fabulously durable seamless product, press with a hot iron.

Step 5:

Driving time. Grab a cotton ribbon and decide how long you want those straps to be. Again, this will vary depending on your height, bag size, etc. Be sure to fold the ends down as far as cotton. If you prefer straps to hold on the inside, they can do it that way too, but be sure to choose a thread that coordinates with the outside of the bag.

Once the handles are in place, you have a new tote bag. I am very happy with the size of mine.

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