Organising and holding an unusual and unique birthday party for yourself, family and friends.

After spending over two years cooped up in our homes, with Boris Johnson commanding us to stay home, and not being allowed out to visit family and friends, having the chance to organise a special, unique Birthday party for yourself is AMAZING!  Perhaps it’s one of your special birthdays, you’re going to be 40, 50, 60 or 70years old and you really want to do something completely different.  Your home is just about big enough to invite several close family members and your four best friends who have all helped to get you through the lonely Pandemic years. Don’t spend a fortune on professional invitations, create them yourself on a laptop, print them out and deliver them personally, explaining your wonderful idea for your special birthday event.

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Organising food is simple, a smorgasbord of different cheeses, crackers, carrot sticks, dips, crisps, a selection of fresh fruit, mini quiches, and a magnificent home-made cake washed down with lashings of squash and cold water is a relatively cheap menu for your guests to enjoy.  Some left over Christmas crackers and party poppers for your guests to pull and of course the piece de resistance, several Crochet Blanket Kits supplied by a professional company that specialise in Wool Couture so all your friends and family members can firstly eat to their hearts content and then spend several fun hours laughing and creating beautiful blankets, cushion covers and other beautiful things together.

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What a wonderful, unique and creative way to spend your birthday, enjoying food and lots of fun with your close family and four best friends.  All your guests can make something lovely either for themselves or as a present for somebody else.  You will all share a lot of laughter and can help each other out with the simple patterns and techniques that crocheting involves. Your birthday party will be an amazing success and will be talked about for weeks and months to come.  You are special, your birthday will be special and all the individual crochet blankets, cushion covers, toys, hats and scarves you and your invited guests make will be very special to everyone that manages to finish one.

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