How to increase your fundraising

If you’re organising a fundraising event, there’s a lot to do! You must source a venue, book some entertainment, invite major donors and many other actions! However, your biggest concern once everything is booked and invitations sent out is how to ensure a substantial enough amount of money is raised on the night of your event.

Here’s how to successfully raise money at an event:

  1. Invite the Correct People

This seems a no-brainer but it’s easy to get carried away and lose sight of the best possible guest list. It is crucial to have the names of those you believe will help you to reach your target. Don’t invite everyone you can think of to keep numbers up, be selective and strategic – inviting those who you believe are most likely to care about your cause. Look at previous guest lists, subscribers to your newsletter, social media followers and anyone else you consider high priority.

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  1. Build Excitement

Before your event, you’ll want to both inform and excite your attendees by sending them communications and updates, so they fully understand the reason for the event and what needs to be achieved. You want to promote the fun of the evening but also get the message across that there is a serious point to this event – to raise money to change lives. This helps to make sure guests don’t get too distracted by the entertainment on offer and remember their reasons for attending. For professional help organising your event, contact an Events Agency Dublin like

  1. Get the Serious Part Done First

Once the entertainment starts, people will start to let their hair down and your opportunity might well be lost. It’s best to focus on the reason for the event and get those donations in before the fun commences, and you lose your guests to music and alcohol!

  1. Quality Bid Items

For auction-style events, your main focus before the event should be sourcing the best, high-quality donated goods for your auction lots. By having desirable and top-quality items, you’re guaranteed to bump up the amount you raise significantly. You want to foster a lot of competition and have guests eagerly bidding against one another.

  1. Book a Great Host

A great host will masterfully steer your event in the right directions at the right times and keep everything on track. They can help to whip up enthusiasm for the fundraising element and push home the important message of why the event is taking place.

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  1. Technology

You can be helped a great deal by making technology work for you. By implementing the latest fundraising technology, you can simplify the bidding process to maximise your efforts. Make technology work for you by implementing the latest fundraising technology to simplify the bidding process which will in turn maximise fundraising efforts.


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