The different types of laminate flooring

There are different kinds of laminate flooring on the market. Below we explain what is available. The look of your house and functionality are important factors.

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Wood grain

Wood grain is the most common type of laminate flooring. It is good for those on a budget and will last a number of years. When installed, the planks allow you to experience the beauty of wood in its natural state. This wood effect looks smart and will save you money.

Other laminate flooring

Laminate flooring also comes in different forms. It can be made up of smart and durable marble or limestone tiles, both of which are installed the same way. The cost varies depending on the type of tile.

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For some attractive examples of marble tiles, look up

Real Homes has useful advice on buying laminate flooring:

Glued flooring

With this sort of flooring, a special type of adhesive is used. This glue is applied to the edges and the tiles fit together easily. The adhesive should hold the floor together successfully for a long period of time, provided it is installed correctly.

Pre-glued flooring

With this variety of flooring, the glue has been added in advance to the edges of the planks or tiles. This type of flooring has peelable protective film and can be used to reduce noise in rooms. There is no wait for a drying process and no adhesive mess to worry about. Installation is quick and easy whether you have chosen engineered flooring or solid wood.

End pieces and moulding

When installation of your laminate floor is taking place, give some attention to end pieces and moulding, without which your room may appear unfinished. These elements may involve the introduction of texture and colour. The pieces are likely to be larger than the standard tiles, and can be tricky to fit.

End moulding

This procedure involves a transition moulding which matches the level of your laminate flooring with your usual flooring. Less prominent than a reducer strip, end mouldings can give a neat, tailored appearance to your interior.


This sort of flooring connects laminated floors of equal thickness between doorways. These fittings are also used in hallways and L-shaped rooms where the direction of the planks changes.


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