Get Your Office De-Cluttered and Clean This Year

An office should be an environment that is pleasant for people to spend time working in. If the office is untidy or dirty, it could not just be affecting the morale of the office, but also the health of the people working there too.

Making sure that you have a clean and hygienic working environment is important, and if you have decided that your new year’s resolution is to have a good office tidy up, here are some things that you can do to help…

Have a clear out. Clutter often builds up in an office over time and it is likely that you are storing stuff in there that you don’t even need. Hire a skip if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of, and make sure that you dispose of everything correctly, especially if it contains confidential data.

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Once you have decluttered, you can then think about organising the office better. It might be that you can have a better layout for it now that there isn’t so much stuff in the way! You can also do things like make sure there are no hazards, such as boxes piled high or wires trailing across walkways that might cause people to have a nasty fall.

Keeping the office clean is also important. Having a professional like this office cleaning Tewkesbury based company who can come in and clean the office regularly helps it to stay looking good and hygienic, but it is also something that everyone in the office needs to take part in to keep it looking its best.

Make sure that people are responsible for keeping their own workstations clean. Things that are touched regularly such as phones, photocopiers, light switches and door handles all should be wiped clean on a regular basis with an anti-bacterial wipe, as this also helps to prevent the spread of germs in the office, making for healthier staff!

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Think about how to keep communal areas like toilets and kitchens clean as these can be a big source of germs. Have the correct storage facilities and preparation area for food that is brought in and ensure that staff know to keep toilets and kitchens as they found them.

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