Why do people love collecting antiques?

People love collecting antiques, but why? There are lots of reasons that people choose to collect items from certain eras or styles, whether as a part-time hobby or as a full-time antiques collector. Here are just a few of the reasons that collectors have given for why they love doing it:

Sentimental Value

Many collectors cite reasons of sentiment and memory for their hobby. People search for and collect items that hold special meaning for them. Perhaps it reminds them of their childhood or for others, they wish to hang onto pieces that have belonged to a relative or furniture that has been in the family for many generations.

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Some love collecting items for the purposes of restoration. Some people even turn this into a business, buying unwanted or broken antiques and restoring them to their former glory to sell on or keep. For many people, it’s not about the money but the joy and satisfaction that restorers experience. For a Reclamation Yard Ireland, visit wilsonsyard.com

Connected to Favourite Things

Some collectors like to gather items that are connected to their favourite film, comic or game. This could be anything from old film memorabilia to a child who collects editions of comics from all over the world.

The Thrill of the Chase

For many people, it’s the thrill of hunting for the perfect piece that spurs them on. It gives people an opportunity to visit fairs, stores and reclamation yards across the country in pursuit of their ‘holy grail’ item.

A Hobby

For a lot of people, antique collecting is a hobby and a fun activity to do and learn about in their free time. Most of the time might be spent window shopping and not actually buying very often. Part of the enjoyment comes from simply seeing what is around in different places, shops and even countries.

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Interior Design

For others, it’s about making their home look a certain way. Many enjoy decorating with antique and vintage styles and antique pieces bring atmosphere and beauty to an interior home setting.

As a Dealer

For some people, it’s more than just a hobby and buying and selling antiques forms a business. Dealers usually have great knowledge about different antiques, love to find unusual pieces and great deals and make a profit by restoring and selling on or selling on in the original state.

There are many different reasons why people engage in antique hunting and collecting, be it as a fun hobby or a way to make a living. It can provide an exciting and fulfilling activity, whether for decorating your home or collecting for future investment. Be sure to do plenty of research on the things you’re looking for and have fun searching!


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