How to safely pack your products for shipping

Delivery drivers and those who work for Couriers Reading companies like spend their days driving up and down the country,delivering items for both individuals and businesses. They carefully transport our items to their destination. But, there are a number of ways that you can ensure their safety by packing them correctly ready for shipping.

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When choosing how to package your product, you should take into account the following factors when making your decision as to which materials are best to use:

There is a direct correlation between the weight of your product and the strength of the packaging materials needed to protect it. The manufacturer’s weight limit on the box that you are going to use will be able to tell you if it is strong enough to be used. There are times when heavier items may require cardboard boxes that have double or even triple layers of corrugated cardboard. A polyurethane bag can be used for packaging items that are lighter in weight and less fragile.

There needs to be enough space in a box for cushioning material such as bubble wrap or packing beans to be placed if you’re using a box to package your product. There should be no contact between the item being packaged and the sides of the box.

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The value of the item that you are packing and how fragile it is, should also be taken into consideration. Items that are extremely fragile or expensive should have extra protection and padding in their packaging materials. You should also ensure that you have a label on the box to state that the item is fragile. If it needs to be stored a certain way up, you should also note this on the box. This will allow your courier to look after your package during transit.

Make sure you choose a good box, ideally one that is brand new. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap and use a cushioning material to protect them from damage. Items with sharp edges or odd shapes should be taped in order to prevent punctures from occurring.

It may be necessary to place certain items in plastic bags or wrap them in plastic before storing them to prevent them from getting damp or getting condensation on them.

The seams and flaps of the box should be sealed with packaging tape so that the contents of the box are protected. If you wish to add extra support to the box, you can also circle it with tape three times in each direction.

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