For us this is the best Range Rover of all time

Range Rover

The best Range Rover-That a car with almost 50 years of history has only four generations is something quite peculiar. Since as a general rule the life cycles of the product are shorter. However, the Land Rover Range Rover is not any model and given the reliability it has shown, each of its own has been quite long in time.

The best Range Rover of all time

best Range Rover

Now, which of them has been the best Range Rover?   It is a difficult issue to solve, especially. Because each one has been incorporating important developments that have evolved the model, which from the beginning was conceived as a luxury SUV. But has reached new heights with the most recent generation.

However, weighing everything and given the importance it had. We are left with the original: the first generation of the model was a milestone and the beginning of a dynasty.

The original is incombustible

the best Range Rover

The year the Range Rover was born dates back to 1970, but the truth is that the first prototypes were operational from the 67. To get an idea of ​​the success that was, the first generation was in the market for 25 years. Receiving continuous updates, yes, something that is a rarity in the automotive world.

Perhaps today, attending to his successors, much more refined, it is difficult to see him as an exponent of luxury, but it was so. His appearance was robust, son of his time, betting on straight lines, edges. And a body plagued with angles that had a considerable ground clearance, a lot of interior space, a low waist line and a very large glass surface. The front had a wide grille guarded by two round headlights and by square optical groups in block.

It was not until the 73 when its characteristic floating roof was established. It was necessary to wait until 81 to see the light of the four-door variant. And throughout its existence it was receiving technological innovations that made it a pioneer.

Opening the way

this is the best Range Rover

With his birth he became the first SUV (that’s what Land Rover says. Although at that time neither the denomination nor the model was considered as such) in having permanent four-wheel drive. And it was only the beginning: in 89 It added the ABS system. And in 1992 it was also the first vehicle in its category to include both air suspension and electronic traction control.

The engines: from less to more

Range Rover of all time

When he was born he did it with an aluminum V8 engine under his arm. But extending his commercial life for more than two decades, his supply of thrusters evolved over time. Originally only available with blocks of gasoline, in 1986 diesel options would be added to its range. And what started with a somewhat fair power (given its size and weight. According to current standards) of 111 hp, reached 202 before Take the step to the second generation.

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