Finding the best Beach shots for your wedding.

Whether you are getting married on or near the beach or are simply planning to have a few photos taken by the sea after your ceremony, here are some tips to get some great shots.

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If you are holding your entire ceremony on or near the beach, following some simple styling tips will ensure that your photos look great. From using shells to decorate your cake to providing flip-flops for your guests to wear on the sand, sites such as Bridal Guide can provide inspiration.

Choose the right time of day

Beaches tend to look best during the so-called ‘golden hour’, when the sun casts a soft golden glow over everything shortly before dusk. Not only is this light more flattering for portraits but it will also make the surroundings look stunning. If you are getting married in the middle of the day you might find the harsh overhead sun less than flattering.

Head back to the beach later to take advantage of the softer natural light. If this isn’t possible, choose your photographer wisely. A professional can get great shots in any conditions.

It is also an idea to avoid the busiest times of day. If your chosen beach tends to attract a lot of day trippers and sun worshippers, you might find it hard to get the romantic or arty shots you are after. One idea might be to invest in a large private villa like those available at Kas Villa Rental. Check out Kas Villas for some great ideas.

Pick focal points

If you are having photos taken in a spot that is special to you, it is important to show off your surroundings. A Bournemouth wedding photographer, for example, might incorporate landmarks such as the pier or a row of beach huts. These touches make your photos stand out and stop them looking generic.

If you would like inspiration on how to incorporate local landmarks into your shots, check out other couples’ weddings. The Knot describes how one couple used sea lanterns as table centrepieces and had a sand castle-inspired wedding cake, amongst other great ideas.

Ideally your photographer will be able to suggest the best places to get great images. If you are using a photographer from outside the area, however, do your homework and scope out your chosen spot beforehand, noting anything you would like to capture ‒ or to avoid ‒ in your wedding album.

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