Theo Van Net Worth, Biography, Wiki and Controversy

Theo Von net worth

Theo van Doesburg was a Dutch architect, art theorist, poet and painter of the early 20th century. His birth name was Christian Emil Marie Küpper. He is considered one of the most important painters of abstract art in the Netherlands. Let’s discover Theo van’s net worth, biography and controversy.

Theo van biography

– Theo van Doesburg was born on August 30, 1883, in the city of Ultrecht (Netherlands).

– He made his first exhibition in 1908, in the city of The Hague.

– Edited Weimar magazine, between 1921 and 1923.

– Published a manifesto, in 1924, explaining what elementary art was, according to his point of view.

– In 1930, he designed his art studio in the city of Meudon (France).

– In addition to painting, he dedicated part of his life to the study of Philosophy, Ethics, Sociology, Politics and Religion.

– He died on April 7, 1931, at the age of 47, in the city of Davos (Switzerland).

Art movements that belonged:

– Neoplasticism

– Expressionism

– Dadaism

– Concretism

– De Stijl (the movement that sought the integration of the arts)

Theo Von net worth

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Main features of his artistic style:

– He painted landscapes, mainly at the beginning of his artistic life. During this period, he also painted portraits and self-portraits.

– Influenced Van Gogh ‘s style early in his career.

– From 1915 onwards, he started to give more emphasis to the visual arts.

– He sought the development of art, from figurative to abstract.

– He broke with expressionist art in 1916.

– Worked a lot with color composition.

– He devoted much of his work to abstract art.

– Strong presence, in his works, of geometric figures and straight lines.

– A large part of his paintings was made with oil paint.

Main works:

– Girl with ranunculus (1914)

– Street Music I and II (1915)

– Heroic movement (1916)

– Long House ornament border template (1917)

– Composition (1929)

– Counter composition V (1924)

– The rhythm of a Russian dance (1918)

– Composition VIII (The Cow) (1918)

– Russian dance (1918)

– Against composition VII (1924)

– Composition X (1920)

– Pure Painting (1920)


The film sparked major controversy in the Netherlands over Islam and after its premiere, and he and Hirsi Ali received death threats. He was finishing a feature film about the story of the first politician to be murdered in Holland (2002), the controversial leader of the Dutch populist right Wilhelmus Simon Petrus Fortuyn, Pim Fortuyn (1948-2002), when he was also murdered the morning of 2 de Novembro (2004). In Amsterdam, on the corner between Linnaeusstraat and Mauritskade streets, north of the city and where many immigrants live.

He was going to work in the morning on a bicycle, when he was shot several times and stabbed twice in the chest by a 26-year-old Muslim fanatic, Mohammed Buyeri, a dual national, Dutch and Moroccan, who still put on the body, stuck with the knife,

During your career as a controversial 47-year-old Dutch filmmaker, you directed about two dozen films, wrote three more books, Engel (1990), collaborated with a dozen newspapers and magazines, and ended up being yet another victim of religious fanaticism which, absurdly, seems to become more radical with each passing day. His death sparked a series of incidents of fire or vandalism against Islamic institutions in the Netherlands and in neighboring countries.

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