Get the Country Cottage Look in your Home

In recent years, the country cottage aesthetic, or cottage chic as it is otherwise known, has seen a huge rise in popularity. The pretty looks of classic country cottages are being replicated in homes all over the UK and if this is something that you have admired yourself, here are some of the ways to bring that look into your home…

Use Natural Materials – If you want a look that is rooted in the natural aesthetic of the rural cottage, then natural materials are a big part of that. Materials like wicker and natural woods are becoming more popular now, and many people prefer this to the more modern materials anyway. For example, people are opting for wooden structures like this oak garages from to give their home that more natural sort of look rather than the modern and industrial styles that the last couple of decades have favoured.

Floral Patterns – A big part of the look of a country cottage are the floral patterns. You can find many ways to bring this style into your home using these sorts of patterns and they are available in a wide range of colours. Wallpapers, cushion covers, and rugs are just a few things that can bring this look to your home, and you can be big and bold with it or more subtle depending on your personal interior style.

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Get a Wood burner – Modern central heating is all well and good, but nothing gives you the cosy country cottage feeling quite like curling up in front of a roaring fore on a cold winters evening. Wood burners have been increasingly popular over the last few years. However, before installing one it is important that you make sure that you get a professional to come and have a look and give you a quote – you need to follow building regulations and safety is paramount.

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Add some Plants – Bringing nature into your home is easy with plants and there are many types of plants which are well suited to being indoors. As well as bringing that cosy feeling to your home, plants are great for you as they add oxygen to the air, and they also boost mental wellbeing. Plants in the house bring a calming presence to the home, but if you have pets make sure you do your research on what is toxic to animals as some plants can make your pets very ill or even kill them.

Reuse and Recycle – A great way to get the look that you want on a budget is by looking in charity shops, at car boot sales and in auctions for things that fit the aesthetic. Ornaments, crockery and soft furnishings can be found at places like this and as well as getting the look on a budget, you are also doing your bit for the planet by buying second hand and recycling!

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