Alexa as an aid for the disabled.

Some of us may have our reservations about the use of AI in our home and our phones but one massive help the Amazon echo has been is in making the lives of disabled people a lot easier. You might think that home automation is a simple task but a Home Automation Company that can come in and sort all of this out for you and they will make a much better job of it than any DIYer can. Disability comes in a variety of forms but this little device might actually be of great benefit to help out a disabled person achieve a more independent living arrangement which is something that many say is their greatest desire.

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Those of us with the system use it mainly to play some music from Amazon’s vast catalogue but as the Amazon retail giant range continues to grow, and the same day delivery service also expands, there is every chance that all our shopping needs will be covered by it. This saves the disabled person the rigmarole of shopping freeing them up to be more around the home or get out and spend some leisure time instead. The simple fact that they do not need to rely on someone to go shopping for them is great boost to their independence and boosts their self-confidence.

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Aside from the ordering of goods the system also affords the disabled person the chance to control the home more. With the AI system they can turn lights on and off, activate the heating system or even request an appliance to turn its self on if it is smart linked. One of the best features of the system is that it will work an artificial voice so even those that have some kind of speech impairment can still use the system.

There is also a world of entertainment available as the Alexa system has a daily joke option, the ability to play Podcasts that you select from BBC sounds, alarms and timers can be set up and there is a an option for news updates. You can even have it answer facts for you if you need them. Every wondered how long the Severn Bridge is? Now you can find out in an instant.

It just goes to show that when it comes to technology the possibilities for improving the lives of disabled people are excellent.

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