Energy cost saving in 2022 – Consider underfloor heating

Fed up with ice cold feet when you crawl out of bed? It’s the little things that make a difference to your quality of life, and underfloor heating certainly enhances the cosiness and comfort of your home. When selling your home underfloor heating can be an attractive USP, for support with the purchase or sale of  a home no sale no fee conveyancing company Sam Conveyancing are able to help.

If you are planning to install it in your home, here is the lowdown on how it can work for you and your home.

Wooden flooring

Engineered wood flooring is by far the most popular floor covering nowadays. It also happens to be the perfect receptacle for containing the wires or matting of underfloor heating. Before you have your new floor laid, make sure you talk to your dealer. Some companies can arrange for one of their recommended suppliers to install the heating before they fit your flooring.

Electric underfloor heating usually comprises either flexible loose wires or a mat. The convenient thing about this flexible system is that it can be laid only where it’s needed. For example, you don’t need to heat the areas under kitchen units or bath tubs. This makes electric underfloor heating a very efficient option.

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Checking your pipes

Under wooden flooring heat mats should be positioned on a plywood subfloor and also encased either in the adhesive layer or a levelling compound.

It is also important when thinking about flooring to consider what’s underneath and what pipework and plumbing may be needed when replacing and renewing your flooring.


As heat rises, heating underfloor is much more efficient than radiators. You can have it at a lower temperature than you would radiators because less heat is wasted. Dust is very much reduced and you eliminate any cold spots.


Your home must be well insulated to reap the efficiency savings. Pay attention not only to walls and attics but to the floors themselves, in order to prevent precious heat going to earth.

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You can buy mats in different wattages depending on the unique needs of each room. This is very convenient if you have members of the family who feel the cold and others who don’t. You can control the mats via a thermostat independent of the central heating, so even on a summer evening you can remove any chill from the floor without breaking into a sweat.

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