How to have a great winter BBQ

If you’re a real barbecue enthusiast, you won’t be put off by a little bit of cold. In fact, you may enjoy winter barbecues just as much as their summery counterparts, especially if you follow these top tips.

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Get the right barbecue

Make sure you have the right kit for the job, such as a barbecue with its own lid. Make sure the lid is closed when you cook to keep the heat.

You also need to make sure that the barbecue is made using a thick metal exterior and leave extra time for cooking as the temperature outside will have an impact on the cooking temperature.

You might also want to consider investing in a gas barbecue if you don’t want to wait the extra time for charcoal to be ready to cook on. Gas barbecues reach temperature much quicker but just make sure you’re out of the wind when it’s time to light it up and take heed of usual safety concerns, such as keeping it away from wooden climbing frames and other garden furniture and ornaments. If you don’t, you may find yourself browsing climbing frame ranges at stores such as to get the kids back on side.

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If you do get a gas barbecue you may also need to consider which gas to use. Butane gas can’t be used when it freezes, for example, whereas propane is suitable in temperatures as low as -42 degrees. Just make sure that your barbecue is suitable for the gas you want to use and read more about barbecue safety at

Stay out of the wind

It is important to position your barbecue in sheltered areas, and not just at lighting up time. Cold winds are not just chilly for you as you cook, they also influence the temperature and will mean that things take longer to cook.

Another good idea is to make sure that you and your guests are all wrapped up warm. Just ensure that any scarves or gloves don’t get too close to the flames and become a safety hazard for you or your guests.

Light it up

As well as lighting the barbecue, create a cosy atmosphere by ensuring that there is enough light in the general area. This is important to ensure you can see whether food is cooked.

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