Marine Style Clothing For Women

Marine Style Clothing For Women

In the clothes for women, the marine style has been popular for several decades. Its founder – Mademoiselle Coco Chanel shocked others, dressed in a vest on the beach in Monte-Carlo. Nowadays, this trend designers use every new season in their collections. And this is not surprising, because it brings a certain lightness, playfulness, freshness to the female look, makes the girls very elegant, cute and suitable for absolutely everyone!

Marine Style Clothing For Women


Striped print in everyday outfits

If you are tired of strict business images, we suggest experimenting with trendy outfits made in a concise and sophisticated marine manner. Striped models, as well as women’s textiles in typical shades for this style (white, azure, scarlet, black and gold), give the fair sex a special charm, elegance. They suit purposeful mobile girls and are relevant not only on vacation but also on a walk, study, in an office with a free dress-code.

Marine Style Clothing For Women

Anyone who aspires to be on the crest of a fashionable wave in 2019 can be inspired by viewing photos of cruise collections in which marine style is embodied in various, including extravagant and quite original variations. Thanks to such clothes, it is not difficult to create a relaxed atmosphere, even in the urban jungle (if you can only dream about the endless golden beach and the soft rustle of the waves).

Look-and with marine motifs can dramatically transform the look. In this case, it is not at all necessary to strictly copy the equipment of the brutal guys in vests and flared trousers. In the women’s sets, white and blue hues prevail, personifying the endless expanses of the sea. Complement the picture mustard-yellow – the color of the sun and red-hot sandy beaches. Black is also appropriate as a reminder of coastal stones and seagulls. Among the main women’s things of the marine theme are:

  1. Vest.
  2. Pleated skirt.
  3. Light shirt.
  4. White, blue pants and denim shorts.
  5. The navy officer’s jacket is a snow-white fitted blazer with yellow metal buttons.
  6. Straw hats of various shapes.
  7. Lightly striped pullovers with a V-neck, T-shirts with a square sailor collar.
  8. Midi and maxi length sundresses, polo dresses.
  9. Classic forms of sunglasses (aviator, vayfarery).
  10. Espadrilles.
  11. Topsaydery.

Marine Style Clothing For Women

Luxury and comfort in marine style clothing

For example, a vest is a universal thing on the coast and in the city, which is invariably associated with the sea beach. In a duet with any clothes: a “preppy” skirt, a romantic hat, she is able to create a completely unique ensemble. Dresses – a mandatory component of the summer image. It is only necessary to correctly select the print since the horizontal bar visually increases the volume.

That is why designers also offer a vertical, oblique, or strip, which changes its width on the product. In the summer season, women of fashion should take a closer look at cruise lines. They are presented by most designer houses. Such clothes are capable of combining the incompatible: convenience, refinement, carelessness. Traditionally generous to original solutions from the Ralph Lauren collection. There are models in it not only for relaxing by the sea, but also products for rendezvous, work, walking with friends. Bohemian-casual dress in a similar style resembles a long vest. A suit made in a marine style, as a rule, combines diverse things: a striped jacket and trousers made of monophonic matter (or vice versa).

Marine Style Clothing For Women

The attention of the American designer (Ralph Lauren) was given to the model for an active pastime. Charismatic and young will like a huge variety of Bermudas, shorts, T-shirts, tops. Evening robes, blazers, blouses with a characteristic sailor’s collar, elongated sundresses, strict trousers made in white, cornflower and red are the main shades of marine style. They are ideally combined with each other, so it is a pleasure to combine such clothes!

Sailor suit in marine style

It is a blouse with a voluminous, most often white, fold-over collar of a square shape. The sailor suit has reached our days practically unchanged and has become the basic detail of the modern sea direction. This thing is characterized by classic colors (blue and white). However, this does not mean that it is necessary to strictly adhere to a similar color palette. The sailor suit goes well with different wardrobe elements: with free-cut denim trousers, and also with skinny jeans. It can be decorated with embroidery or application in the form of an anchor, coral, waves, etc.

Marine Style Clothing For Women

Knitwear (vests, knitted dresses, jumpers, pullovers, and cardigans) – a favorite in the sea direction. On their basis, it is not difficult to form spectacular every day and extravagant bows.

Under the sign of exclusivity

It is important that marine-style outfits are suitable for women, girls with any color type of appearance. But they look the most advantageous on owners of the “winter” color type. Thanks to the white, dark blue sets, complemented by golden prints and accessories, girls of cold color type will easily emphasize their attractiveness, dignity and can divert attention from imperfections. They can safely choose monochrome dresses ultramarine tones of length maxi with open shoulders and gold embroidery. As a supplement – a scarf, a chain with an anchor pendant and other elements in a marine theme.

Marine Style Clothing For Women

Accessories in nautical style

Headgear is not just doing an excellent job with its utilitarian function – protection from the sun. They bring charm and femininity into the look! Straw boaters, bandanas, captain’s cap, beret, beskorzyrka, and even wide-brimmed corsair hat meet the requirements of the marine dress-code.

Original beach bags made of straw are suitable for marine style sets. You can also look at a more practical accessory. For example, a rug bag with white and blue stripes. It is not only extremely convenient but will harmoniously complement your look. Feminine bracelets with starfish, shells or catkins a la life buoy – jewelry that will support your carefree mood! The ensemble will complement the leather belt, decorated with a massive plaque with marine symbols.

Marine Style Clothing For Women

The most spectacular and dynamic trend of the coming summer – the marine style today is firmly established not only on fashion catwalks but also in the wardrobe of the most sophisticated fashionista. The secret of the popularity of this trend is that the classic color combinations are perfect for any skin tone and hair color, and elegant and flirty styles look perfect in any situation. Famous couturiers complement their new collections with flared trousers and shirts in a vertical or diagonal stripe. Such things should certainly be for girls who want to demonstrate impeccable taste, for those who are not afraid of the most courageous experiments and always go one step ahead!

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