Five tips with which you will be able to become the perfect host

the perfect host

What is necessary to organize a meeting at home and that everything is the perfect host? Should we opt for a very elaborate menu? To what extent is it necessary to decorate the table? For some the success of this type of meetings lies in choosing a menu that suits the taste of the guests, in which there is variety and certain doses of sophistication. Others say that it is the small details that make each evening different. A simple tableware but careful, a tablecloth that does not become the protagonist, a centerpiece of an intermediate size. Although many of these decisions depend on the style of the perfect host. The truth is that we must avoid falling into some beginner mistakes that they can demean the stay. Take note of these simple tips and you will achieve a 10 at your next meeting at home.

The perfect host tableware

the perfect host

It is likely that, on more than one occasion. You discovered at the time of setting the table that the crockery, cutlery or glassware had some dirt or food embedded. For an impeccable finish. Of course, washing after washing, grease and dirt accumulates in the dishwasher. That’s why it’s very important to keep your dishwasher clean so that it works better. Because having a cleaner dishwasher also means getting cleaner dishes.

To “clean the cleaner”, perform a washing cycle once a month with the dishwasher empty and with avoid those last minute scares it is best to choose an appropriate product with which to achieve a perfect finish. Finish Quantum offers a perfect result and a powerful cleaning in each wash thanks to its three ingredients. Powder to remove the most difficult remains, gel for shiny tableware and the Power ball Finish Clean machines. This product cleans your dishwasher reaching the most hidden areas, eliminates lime. And accumulated fat and neutralizes odors. In this way, your dishes will be washed in a clean environment.

Dry and shiny glassware

To avoid the watermarks in glasses and glasses many people are forced to dry them one by one after removing them from the dishwasher. However, with the Finish dishwasher rinse aid, you will have your glasses ready to store. The brightener creates a protective layer on the glassware that does not generate watermarks. Those white spots in the form of drops that we see in our favorite glasses and glasses. Thus, it will not be necessary to dry the crockery or the tuppers when you take them out of the dishwasher because they are already dry. The product also gets all your utensils with a superior brightness, which will always get a 10.

A centerpiece of the perfect size

One of the most common mistakes when there are guests at home is to choose a centerpiece that does not suit our needs. If the table is not very spacious it is better not to overwhelm it with details. Or adornments that will make room for the aperitifs and compromise the comfort of the guests. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for decorative elements of a small size and that can move easily. In addition, we must bear in mind that, if it is a floral detail, it is preferable to choose bouquets with little aroma, since their smell can interfere with that of food and modify the flavors.

The table always balanced

The tablecloth is one of the essential elements in the decoration of the table and can completely change its appearance. A design in light tones will demand a table ware with some color and will give some light to the whole. If you opt for a dark model, the dishes with some brightness will help achieve a balanced result. One of the most frequent mistakes made when choosing the tablecloth is not to take into account the chromatic range of the rest of the elements that will make up the table. Does a design with brightly colored flowers coordinate well with your stamped tableware? Better one of stripes? When in doubt, it is best to opt for designs of neutral tones, such as beige or crude.

Choose a suitable music at the moment

Although the guests are the same, little has to do with a dinner of picoteo and a more formal meeting in which you are going to take a menu composed of several dishes. Not only the table will be decorated in a different way. Also the choice of music should be different. When you are going to include a musical thread you should keep in mind that the volume must be loud enough to be heard. But soft enough so as not to interfere with the conversation. In addition the type of melody will vary depending on the time and circumstance. How about some blues or indie versions for a gathering of friends and classical music or soundtracks for more formal occasions?

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