Tips For Handling Medication Safely

Medications can improve health, but only when they’re taken correctly. Each year, adverse drug events – harm resulting from medication use – lead to more than a million visits to hospital emergency departments. Medication that is prescribed to one person, should never be given to anyone else. Fortunately, most medicine-related problems can be prevented by following some simple tips for handling medication safely.

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Always read and follow medication directions carefully, including storing them in the proper place and taking it at the correct time of day. If you are ever unclear, be sure to ask a pharmacist or other healthcare professional. Questions can be asked about any type of medication, such as over the counter medication, prescription meds, herbal or vitamin supplements.

For elderly care, ensure the right medications are being administered to the right patient. Avoid work-arounds, such as nurses ‘borrowing’ a medication while waiting for a new order to be completed by the pharmacy or using a medication that is not on the patient’s chart. Always clarify an order that is unclear and follow agency policies to ensure safe medication practices. Find out more about Safe handling of medication by going to a site like Tidal Training, who supply training in the Safe handling of medication.

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It’s important to know that some medicines can be dangerous if crushed or chewed or put in liquid form. Ask your doctor or nurse if a different form is available for a particular medicine.

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