Where to Move to for More Sunshine

If you want to get away from the UK and move to somewhere with a more pleasant climate, then there are lots of places that are worth considering. From nearby European countries to more far-flung destinations, it is certainly worth looking into if you are getting itchy feet and have a desire to live somewhere that is sunnier and offers you a better lifestyle.

Australia – Many people go down under for a new life and opportunities. It is worth visiting Australia at least once before you move there, as it is a long way to move to and you need to make sure that you are happy with your decision.

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Greece – There is plenty of opportunity in Greece, and it is easy to become a Greek citizen if you go down the Greek citizenship by investment route. From the thriving city of Athens with all of the ancient wonders as well as modern facilities, to the many sunny islands, Greece has something for everyone.

Portugal – Portugal is only a two hour flight from the UK, so if you want the sunshine but want to be able to easily get back to friends and family, then this is a great option for you. The Algarve is a region popular with expats where you can enjoy the sun-soaked beaches and beautiful climate.

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USA – America is a huge country and has many different regions and climates. However, there are lots of places to choose from if you are looking for somewhere sunny and warm. From Florida to California, each region has its own unique climate and geography, so it is worth looking into what fits the bill if you are thinking of heading to the USA.

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