How to make a purifying face mask for blackheads

A compressed powdered charcoal tablet (or half a teaspoon of powder) with 8-10 drops of water, until it reaches a creamy consistency to be applied to the face, avoiding eyes and lip contour. Leave on for approx. 15-30 minutes (depending on your skin if dry or oily) and rinse with warm water and soap or facial cleanser. The result will be a luminous skin with a smooth texture and pores purified by the action of activated charcoal.

All the benefits

The charcoal is often present in masks for combination skin, oily and impure because, unlike clay that can dry out too much, the coal dust does not leave the sensation of skin that ‘pull’: in a beautiful mask to seasonal changes charcoal gives a greater brightness to the gray complexion and is extinguished by the long winter season. Even the cleaners to the activated carbon base are designed to deep clean the skin and free it from the substances that accumulate and can give rise to imperfections (sebum, make-up residues, pollution, etc.).

The presence of imperfections such as black points, idilated pores or the shiny and greasy skin usually derives from a slightly thickened and impure skin due to the presence of sebaceous glands larger than normal: this type of skin often needs care with specific products. The use of aggressive detergents can lead to a reverse effect as it could alter the skin’s protective hydrolipid film. The skin, as a defense mechanism, increases the production of dead cells and sebum causing a worsening of the situation. It is therefore important to choose a specific cleanser for impure skin, delicate but effective in removing excess sebum and able to induce a regular and constant exfoliation to optimize the quality of the skin. That’s why aiming at the activated carbon.

Activated coal: Other Uses

There are those who use this remedy to eliminate toxins circulating in the body, always taking advantage of its porosity able to absorb heavy metals and other substances harmful to our body. In fact, this natural product is able to absorb toxins inside its surface (made of microscopic pores), so they are not metabolized but rather eliminated from our body. In addition, activated carbon also has a disinfectant effect, incorporating bacteria as it passes through it: this is why it can also be used in the mouth, before toothpaste and toothbrush. Quiet, your black teeth will not remain!

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