Hatha Yoga At Home

Hatha Yoga At Home

The number of different practices in yoga is amazing. And if you are a beginner, nothing is easier than to get lost in this diversity. The easiest option would be to go to a yoga studio and learn about classes for beginners. But practicing with an instructor is not always convenient for financial or other reasons. In any case, you can begin your acquaintance with practitioners yourself. An excellent option at the beginning of your journey will be hatha yoga at home.

What is hatha yoga and why is it needed?

In the broadest sense, hatha yoga is a whole doctrine of finding harmony, both in terms of physical and spiritual development. An important detail of any practice is the relationship between body and mind.

Hatha yoga belongs to the category of power yoga. And the main goal, in addition to finding balance, is the development of body flexibility.

Doing yoga, you will know your body again and learn about its unlimited possibilities. In addition to the healing effect directly on the muscles and internal organs, yoga brings to life a calm, peace and good mood.

If you have never tried this kind of physical activity before, now is the time!

How to prepare for the lesson?

Safety and comfort – the main components of good practice.

  1. Get a special yoga mat.
  2. Choose a convenient place and time.
  3. Put on clothes, not constraining movements.
  4. Do not start a class if you have just eaten. Wait at least 1 hour.
  5. Focus on your own thoughts and feelings during the session.

For those who have never practiced hatha yoga before, you can start with a short 10-minute complex, which we give below.

Hatha Yoga At Home


This is the simplest posture, with all its lightness, is fundamental. It is useful to start an exercise with her in order to tune in to further exercises.

Stand on the mat. Legs together, keep your back straight. Hands can be left along the body or join the palms at chest level.

Take three deep breaths and exhale, feel the moment and your presence here and now. Stand straight, with the top of the head stretch slightly. Repeat a combination of three deep breaths and exhalations several more times.

Lean forward

As you exhale, lean forward, touching the floor with your palms if possible. Keep your knees slightly bent and focus on your spine stretching. Take three to five deep breaths and relax.

Then return to the Tadasana pose.

Low lunge on the right side

Make a deep lunge with your right foot forward, leaving your right knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Take your left leg as far back as possible; your left knee should touch the floor. Depending on your physical fitness, your hands can be lowered to the floor, left on your hips, or raised up.

Stay in this position for 3-5 breaths.

Hatha Yoga At Home

Dogface down

If your hands are raised, lower them to the floor, so that the right leg, bent at the knee, is between them.

Transfer the load to your arms, tear off the knee of your left foot from the floor and move your right foot back. If it is difficult, you can tear off the heels from the floor. But try not to do this, feel the tension in your legs. Stay in this position 3-5 breaths.

Low lunge on the left side

Similarly, go back from the Dog pose, face down into a low lunge, only now bend the left leg at the knee. Just linger for 3-5 deep breaths.

Tilt forward and tadasana

Return to the forward tilt pose, pulling the right leg to the left. Do not make sudden movements, perform exercises smoothly and in size. Complete the exercise with the Tadasana pose. Give yourself a few seconds of rest, breathe deeply.

Pose war (two stages)

Take a wide step with your right foot to the side. Your right leg stays straight, your fingertips look right in front of you, bend your left leg at the knee, turn your foot parallel to the mat. Hands apart in different directions. Hold this stage for 3-5 seconds.

In the second stage, lower your right hand on your knee, and lift your left, slightly bent at the elbow upward. Chin up with the tips of your left-hand fingers.

Both stages are repeated with the second leg.

Tree Pose

Straighten the right leg bent at the knee and transfer body weight to it. Pull your left leg to yourself, lean your feet on the calf, knee or thigh – depending on your stretch. Raise your arms above your head. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Finish the practice with another Tadasana, breathe deeply, allow your body to completely relax, listen to your feelings. You did it!

You can practice yoga every day or several times a week. Gradually, you will improve and want to try something new.

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