What are Seder Plates

Of all the important festivals and religious observances in the old Jewish faith the passover represents one of the most comprehensive and important. It symbolises the Jewish peoples escape from slavery in Egypt and the chance to find and found the nation of Israel. In modern times it has also become common for those of the faith to remember the holocaust as well as the ancient enslavement. The festival is observed in the Spring time and it also has elements of renewal and rebirth as well and remembrance tied into it.

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One of the most essential elements is the use of Seder Plates, like those from https://cazenovejudaica.com/uk/seder-plate. During the passover meal there are many elements that need to be eaten and tasted. The Seder plate allocates what is to be eaten and when as an act of remembrance.

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The passover was the night of the final, and devastating final plague sent by Yahweh (God) to show to Pharaoh that it was time to let the Jewish people free. Each Jewish person was to mark their door with the blood of a lamb so that when the angel of Death passed over Egypt it would know which houses to visit and which ones it should not. In the morning, the first born had been taken from every family in Egypt not practising the Jewish faith. It should never have come to this, but it was enough for Pharaoh to finally agree to the freedom of the Jews.

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