How to control negative thoughts? Follow these 7 strategies

How to control negative thoughts

We all have negative thoughts, our mind somehow or other generates them. Either when we live in certain situations, or when there are certain stimuli in our life that leads us to think negatively. Let’s discover how to control negative thoughts. 

And although they may be useful in certain circumstances …

… like when you think negative in front of a business opportunity that can result in fraud, and that helps you not to fall into traps.

How to control negative thoughts

Returning to the example of a person who thinks that money is “the root of all evils”. In that case, we could analyze:

  • Money is a tool, it has no life of its own and does what we decide.
  • It is equal to a hammer.
  • With a hammer, you can open someone’s head with a bang, or I can build a nice crib for a baby.
  • Everything depends on the hands-on whoever is.

How to control negative thoughts?

It is easy to control negative thoughts, when the cause is discovered and when it is consciously recognized.

Change Your Body Language

# 1 Change Your Body Language

If you consciously analyze the position your body is in when you are having a negative thought, it is surely a negative attitude as well.

Whether you’re hunchbacked, or scowling, or crouched, or crying, etc.

Your body language transmits the way you feel and what you are thinking about.

So you must consciously analyze and modify your body language.

Because it has been shown through various studies, that when you change your body language, it also modifies the way you feel and the thoughts you have.

If you stop or you feel safe, your mind for some strange reason that I still do not understand. You are feeling confident and confident in yourself and will produce those kinds of feelings and thoughts.

It’s like “hacking” the mind.

# 2 Speaks the good things

Speaks the good things

If you are having negative thoughts constantly or strongly, you should talk about the subject, either with your partner, with a trusted friend, or with a family member.

Because sometimes we think or feel in certain ways, and we do not tell anyone …

And that is where those thoughts easily grow, evolve, and may even begin to affect our character, our mood and the mood we have every day.

And well, they can touch extremes such as starting a depression or similar things, where we will not see exit.

That’s why the ideal is to talk to someone or to look for some help.

And if you do not have anyone you trust, you could go to a psychologist, have a therapy or a talk where someone listens to you.

Or even meet in a virtual forum to discuss the subject.

The case is, do not leave everything inside you but you release the weight that loads on you through other people …

… that the most certain thing is that they can understand you, even understand exactly what you are going through.

# 3 Calm And Relax Your Mind

Calm And Relax Your Mind


When our mind is accelerated, it becomes more likely to produce negative thoughts, because stress is one of the main creators of them.

Unlike when we have a relaxed mind …

… which is where we can think things out more clearly and not get carried away by the automatic thoughts that sometimes appear.

If you manage to calm your mind in times of pressure, either through deep breathing or some other relaxation techniques …

… it is much easier to control negative thoughts as soon as they want to torture you.

Because if you are in a positive state with yourself, it is incoherent that negative thoughts and feelings are created.

You can not be in both states at the same time.

# 4 Change the Tone Of Those Negative Thoughts

Change the Tone

This is an idea that I love, and that I learned to use a lot.

When you recognize that you are having negative thoughts, think about the following two things:

– The Test of Time

Pass the thought through the time filter. As well?

Think about how much the situation that this negative thought wants to show you that can become a reality will matter 10 years from now.

Let’s take an example: You go in your car and the tire is punctured.

At that time it’s a problem for you because you’re going to be late, maybe you’re going to be bad for someone, etc …

This generates a few negative thoughts.

If you analyze 10 years from now how much it is going to matter what is happening to you now, how different will your day be in 10 years because the tire was punctured today …

Most likely, that event is 100% irrelevant and does not mean anything to you at that time.

This makes you see that the problem that your mind wants to create is not so serious in reality.

And today you can handle the consequences that are sure will not mean anything in a short time.

– Lateral Thinking

The other way to change the tone of your thoughts is thinking:

What would happen if you were a consultant or a therapist, and a client came to you with the same problem you are having?

What would you say?

In what way would you try to help that person solve the problem or think more clearly about the situation so as not to be affected?

Because at the end of the day, if you are a client, you are paying for help or an answer.

This is called: Lateral thinking.

When you disconnect from your mind and try to analyze it as if you were someone else helping someone else …

… it is easier to be creative with the solutions, with the ideas, and with any other amount of things that may be useful at that moment.

Because our mind when it lives so “ensímismada”, it becomes harder to think consciously and more rationally …

… and he gets carried away by emotionalism totally.

This clouds our mind and makes us see the giant problems when in reality they have a solution.

# 5 Change of Environment

Change of Environment

It is known that approximately 95% of the thoughts we have in the day are the same as we had the day before.

This is mainly because we are always in the same environment, we have the same routines, and we are doing the same things.

Therefore, an easy way to avoid negative thoughts is to change surroundings regularly.

It’s not about you having to take a vacation every day or take a great trip …

… you can simply take a space in the middle of your workday to have a coffee at the table.

Or to go to the park to breathe fresh air, or just walk to admire nature, etc.

Even if you spend all your time with some specific people, you can take a space alone to be in another environment and disperse your mind.

This helps you to have more mental clarity and not get locked into problems, routines or negative thoughts.

# 6 Practice Gratitude

Practice Gratitude

Although it seems obvious, we need to consciously consider this recommendation.

Many times our mind has negative thoughts because they forget all the reasons they have to thank.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you surely have a device that can be connected to the Internet …

… you have a connection to the world and even communicate with your friends and family.

And many more things that other people would like to have.

When we forget this and ignore it because we get used to it, it is easier for our mind to have room to complain.

To focus on problems, to always look at the negative side of things, to lock in what you want and do not have.

So, practicing gratitude helps you eliminate negative thoughts, and by the way, gratitude brings you many more benefits.

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