Student accommodation options in Gloucestershire

You have chosen the university; chosen the course you want to study and now all you have to do is decide where you want to live for the time you are there. Here are three different options for you to consider.

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You may have already decided to stay at home for the time you are at university, and you may have chosen the site you want to study at accordingly. This can be a good option if you want to keep the costs down as you may not have to worry about rent and bills. Make sure that you will not spend this money traveling from home to university though as it may work out cheaper to live away after all.

Halls of residence

Many colleges offer their students halls of residence, but this may all be different. For example Cheltenham might give you different options than a student accommodation in Bristol in terms of the type of rooms the campus can offer you.

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Halls of residence may be a great idea for your first year. You won’t know anyone when you arrive, and this will give you a good chance of knowing who you are going to be friends with. You could then decide who to rent a house within the following years as a lot of universities will only offer a space in halls for the first year.

House share

You may decide to opt for a shared house. This can be good, but it means that you will be living off campus and you might not get on with the people you have been put in a house with.

There are many different types of houses. Some will include gardens, and some might even have garages with extra security like security cameras or with doors fitted by Bristol Garage Door Company so that the Garage can be used as a safe additional living space.

Some landlords are better than others so rent through a landlord that your university recommends so that you know you will receive a good service.

There may be other choices that we have not covered here depending on what university you have decided

Make sure that you choose the accommodation that suits you best to start with. You can always change your mind at a later date if you want to.


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