The perfect Irish outfit

If you ever want to look effortlessly stylish Then it should be to the Emerald Isles that you should turn your attention.  Irish chic style Especially For Men has been growing in quite strong momentum over the last few decades.  There’s always been a certain celebration of everything Irish, certainly on events like Saint Patrick’s Day but now more and more of us are starting to look at the clothing from the old country and are taking some real influences from it. Take for example an Irish sweater for men. The sheer styling versatility of this particular outfit has certainly given many a Hollywood a-lister something to think about and can easily be translated to yourself.

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The reason why Iris sweaters are so popular is because of the cable knit style that features on the front.  This sets it apart from regular jumpers in that there can be interesting designs placed there.  Also, the jumpers when made with Merino wool act as a water-repellent substance and can be quickly dried out if they become wet.  they’re also particularly good at insulating from the cold but not to the point where you feel like you’re about to overheat.

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They make up the perfect Irish outfit and this has been seen by many celebrities.  Recently Chris Evans wore one during the first Knives Out film.  Before this Steve McQueen was a huge fan of the jumper and you’ll also see the ever-stylish Adam Driver sporting one in the latest Gucci docudrama.

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